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Backpacking to Indonesia Starts from Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali

Updated on March 31, 2016
Indonesia is near to Australia and Singapore
Indonesia is near to Australia and Singapore | Source

Indonesia Heaven for Backpackers

Have you ever backpacking to Indonesia? This is the heaven for backpackers. Indonesia is huge archipelago with 17,508 islands, tropical forest, natural beaches, rich with culture and language, and friendly people. Indonesia is the biggest country in Southeast Asia nearly 1.9 sq km. Well-known top tourist destination in Indonesia is Bali Island, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Toba Lake, and more.

Your question: is it Indonesia safe for foreigner tourist or backpackers? Yes, most of all, Indonesia people loves to meet foreigner. They greeting foreigner, “Hallo mister..!” But just few Indonesian knew speak English, only in big cities.

Jakarta Capital City, Yogyakarta, Bali Island (Denpasar City) has backpackers “village” and many people able to speak English. They are friendly and easy to explain direction to you if you got lost.

Backpacking to Indonesia is easy. Backpackers usually flight to Singapore then to Indonesia capital city the Jakarta. There are many flights from Singapore. From Jakarta, you can travel by train or plane to Yogyakarta and Bali. From Yogyakarta to Bali, there are flights every day, but you can use train or bus. There are many travel agencies in those cities.

Backpacking to Jakarta

Backpackers and low budget tourist usually gathering in Jalan Jaksa or Jaksa Street. Word “Jalan” means “Street”. Jaksa Street is in downtown of Capital Jakarta. From Indonesia International Airport Soekarno Hatta, you can use taxi or shuttle bus (it called “Damri” bus). It is cheaper if you used airport bus, just Rp 20,000, (about US$ 2-3). So easy backpacking to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jaksa Street - Backpacker to Jakarta
Jaksa Street - Backpacker to Jakarta | Source

There all tourist or backpacker facilities in Jalan Jaksa Street: money changer, food street vendor, café and restaurant, book store, travel agencies, tourist information booklet, and of course hotel and cheap accommodation. Backpacking to Jakarta will be fun. Nightlife in Jaksa Street is great with many café and live music by local singer with nice English song. From Jaksa Street you can explore entire Jakarta City. Enjoy your backpacking to Jakarta.

Backpacking to Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is heaven for backpackers. It is cheaper if you travelling from Jakarta to Yogyakarta by bus or train. Backpacking to Yogyakarta, I prefer use train because train station is near to Jaksa Street. There are two backpackers village in Yogyakarta that famous around the world: Prawirotaman and Sosrowijayan. Both villages loves by backpackers because very cheap accommodation, good facilities like money changers, travel agencies, and wonderful nightlife.

Sosrowijayan - Backpacker to Yogyakarta
Sosrowijayan - Backpacker to Yogyakarta | Source

Sosrowijayan and Prawirotaman are closed to main street Malioboro, the Centrum of Yogyakarta. Many street vendor and shops sold the Batik (local garment with unique motif), antiques, souvenirs, miniatures, Yogyakarta t-shirts. But the most famous is Bicycle Miniature Antique and Unique Handicraft Collection from Yogyakarta.

Backpacking to Yogyakarta, you can visit Borobudur Tempe, the biggest temple in Southeast Asia, Parangtritis beach, Sleman paddy field, natural villages near Yogyakarta City, and many exiting place. Enjoy your backpacking in Indonesia.

Backpacking to Bali

Backpacking to Indonesia did not complete if you did not come to Bali Island. Backpacking to Bali is very easy. From Jakarta you can flight or by train and transit in Surabaya city. From Yogyakarta, there are train and bus too. Backpackers are usually gathering in Den Pasar City, the biggest city in Bali Island. Den Pasar has more complete facilities tourism. Cheap accommodation and café is easy to find in Den Pasar. Bali people usually able to speak English and friendly to tourist. Backpacking to Bali will not complete if you did not visiting top 16 tourist destination in Bali. Read my article: Well Come to Bali and Enjoy 16 Great of Tourism Areas.

Bali Dance - Backpacking to Bali
Bali Dance - Backpacking to Bali | Source

Some of great spot for backpacker in Bali are Sanur Beach, Kerobokan rural areas, Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot Temple in Tabanan, and many more. From Bali, you can continue to Nusa Tenggara as diving heaven and Island of giant Komodo dragon. Enjoy staying at Gili Trawangan Beach in Nusatenggara. Gili Trawangan is natural white sand beach. Do not miss to visit the extraordinary giant lizard Komodo dragon in Komodo Island. Very exotic backpacking to Indonesia, isn’t it?

Bonus: Backpacking to Toba Lake

Jakarta and Yogyakarta are in Java Island, and Bali Island is western part of Java Island. But Toba Lake is in Sumatra Island. Backpacking to Toba Lake, from Jakarta you can flight to North Sumatra province. You will be landed in Medan City then continue your travel by Bus to Parapat or Siantar City, the turism town of Danau Toba. Many backpackers to Toba Lake started their explorer from Parapat City.

Enjoy your backpacking to Indonesia. Have a nice backpacking.

Toba Lake - Backpacking to Toba Lake
Toba Lake - Backpacking to Toba Lake | Source

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