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European Luxury Casinos

Updated on May 4, 2015

Casino Hospitality

Casinos are some of the most spectacular places in the world. The décor is lovely and the atmosphere is electrifying. Whether you are in casual dress or Ballroom fashion a Casino creates an intriguing atmosphere. From Vegas to Biloxi, stepping into a Casino makes the smallest player feel special. Casinos have world class shows dazzling lights and the possibility that lady luck might shine any second. Always an encouraging thought, hospitality is a huge part the intrigue of going to these Pleasure Palaces, so, step into the world of elegance and roll the dice, Lady Luck may be kind to you.

European Luxury Casinos

Europe’s Best Casino Hotels are located in prime locations with many all inclusive hotel deals. Captivate your mind and body as you absorb your senses relaxing at the Grand Hotel Quellenhof Bad Ragaz in BadRagaz Switzerland nestled cozily at the base of the Swiss Alps. The beautiful marbled interior and spa styled pool waits to indulge the most discretionary taste. This luxurious structure houses 6 restaurants and a spectacular 3000 meter spa.

Spend your nights at the Domaine De Divonne in Divonne Les Bains France; enjoy this garden paradise as you try your hand at the roulette wheel. Absorb your fill of vitamin D as you soak up sun by the Domaine’s beautiful pool, get a bit of extra exercise and develop your appetite for dining at their gorgeous restaurants.

The name of The Regent Esplanade Zagreb describes this luxurious hotel in its entirety. Located in the beautiful country of Croatia this lovely hotel puts the L in the word luxury. Old world style, modern amenities, and excellent service pave a way to luxury at one of Europe’s Best Casino Hotels.

Try your hand at blackjack at the Le Palais dela Mediterranee in Nice, the holiday playground of France. This French Rivera hotel caters to the rich, famous and the soon to be. Le Palais dela Mediterranee specializes in pampering its customers with the very best the world has to offer.

The Fairmont Monte Carlo, Monaco, Monaco is the epitome of gambling luxuriously, set along the shoreline with an enviable view the Fairmont Monte Carlo and its spacious suites will make you comfortable on your casino adventure. Bring your company meeting or a group of friends, the accommodations are luxurious and the hospitality is marvelous.

Enter the world of Casino Baden-Baden, Baden, Germany, a part of the Casino world for 200 years, the epitome of luxury; catering to the kings and Queens of Europe for centuries. Built in 1809 gold and silver chips are still used in its gaming rooms. The Casino does not close with the exception of state holidays. As one of Europe’s Best Casino Hotels it has a special history of seasoned elegance that is as much a part of Casino Baden-Baden as the thermal waters of the city it calls home.

The luxurious Mayfair Hotel in London, United Kingdom is experienced elegance, located in the heart of the London shopping district. Open for more than 80 years the Mayfair Hotel is one of the world’s most elegant Casino Hotels. Visit The Westin Palace, Madrid Spain where royalty would find luxury impressive or Le Royal Meridien National, MoscowRussia with its majestic architecture. Step into the world of posh hotels and appreciate; Europe’s Best Casino Hotels are experts in the art of pampered luxury.


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