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Exploring Yunnan, China: Fun at Kunming

Updated on October 24, 2014

Fruits in Season

Kunming, the City of Eternal Spring

Kunming is indeed the "City of Eternal Spring". The weather was cooling and it was comfortable walking about in the outdoors even in the afternoon. The spring-like weather also makes it easy for various flowers to grow here and most were in full bloom during our visit. A great place for flower lovers! During our short time in Kunming, we explored numerous parks. One of my favourites is the Cuihu or Green Lake Park. You will find a huge crowd of people in this park: relaxing, exercising, and having fun dancing and singing! Such a great way to spend time together!!!

Relax at Cuihu or Green Lake Park

Relaxing at Cuihu or Green Lake Park

The park itself is pretty huge and you will find lots of areas where you can just sit and people watch. Besides that, when we were there we saw various stalls selling a variety of snacks from juices to coconut drink to savoury buns. There are also arcade games for the kids. Indeed, a wonderful place to just hang out at.

Beautiful Flower at Da Guan Lou (Grand View Pavilion)

Grand View Pavilion at Da Guan Park

Besides Cuihu, we also had a short stop at Da Guan Park to see the Grand View Pavilion (or Da Guan Lou). This place is most famous for the pavilion where there is a long poem engraved on its gateposts. For visitors who would like to enjoy a cruise, you can do so here and take an hour-long cruise while enjoying the Dianchi Lake scenery.

Moonlight Solo Dance

Watching the Dynamic Yunnan Performance

In Kunming, we also took the opportunity to watch the famous Dyanmic Yunnan performance. It is a show which showcases the Yunnan province's minority tribes' culture. We enjoyed the various drum performances and dances. However, my favourite is definitely the Moonlight, a Dai Minority tribe solo dance. The female solo dancer is really good and although alone, she can captivate everyone's attention while on the huge stage.

Ancient Tea and Horse Trail

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