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Exploring Yunnan, China: Jiuxiang

Updated on October 24, 2014

Entering Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Exploring the Jiuxiang Caves

Visiting Jiuxiang Scenic Area reminds me greatly of my visit to Hanoi, Vietnam where I also explored some caves. Here, the caves are also colourfully lit and there are proper passages within the caves so that you can explore in a comfortable manner. Generally, it is a one-way traffic in order to make it easier for tourists to explore the caves.

Towards the end of the paths, note that there is a long flight of steps upwards. This may be a little tougher for those who are not fit. If you feel that you need extra help, you can hire someone to carry you up at the base of the flight of steps. Note that there are charges for this hired help.

Hence, I would definitely recommend wearing proper walking or sports shoes while visiting Jiuxiang. If it is raining or rained prior to your visit, tread carefully as the floor of the caves will be wet and thus slippery. Certain areas are darker too so take your time to walk slowly. If need be, let the people behind pass first.

Pathway inside the Jiuxiang Caves

Tips for Your Jiuxiang Visit

Besides admiring the stalactites and stalagmites inside the caves, look out for the waterfall as well. It makes for a unique view as it is located within the cave itself. After exploring the caves, we took the ropeway back out to the entrance or exit point. If you are afraid of heights, brace yourself please as there is no proper barrier and you will be seated on a chairlift with the forest right below your feet.

Colourful Lights Enhance the Beauty of Jiuxiang Caves

Jiuxiang - perfect for a day trip from Kunming

All in all, Jiuxiang is worth a visit, especially since it is just located about 90km away from Kunming. It would be a fun half day trip from the city. Note that if you plan to stay over in Jiuxiang for the night that there is not much to do here. The town is pretty small and lifeless at night.

Ropeway leading out of Jiuxiang Scenic Area

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