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Facts And Information About Egypt

Updated on October 22, 2011

Egypt or the Arab republic of Egypt is the most populated and one of the modern countries of the Middle East. Egypt is one of the most historically important countries and has more ancient artifacts kept intact than any other country of the world.

Geography Of Egypt

Egypt is located at the north east corner of Africa and stretches from north to south at 1086km in length. From the west the country is bordered with Libya and is bordered with Sudan from the South.

On its north the Mediterranean Sea is located while on the east it is bordered with Israel. The red Sea is also located on its east.

The most important river of the country which is the Nile River flows from 161 km south of the Mediterranean Sea and enters Egypt after passing through Sudan. It flows towards the north and between the cities of Alexandria and Port Said. 

The Egyptian flag.
The Egyptian flag.

The History Of Egypt

The ancient civilization of Egypt is believed to be one of the oldest and the most influential civilizations of the world. The country has a long history which according to the old artifacts and records dates back to 3300 BC.

How and when life started there can not be said but by this time a highly civilized and progressive civilization was living there.

The people living had a strong culture, traditions and a religion and were ruled by kings which they called the pharaohs and worshiped as gods.

The Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza.
The Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza.
Ancient Egyptian drawing which is found in almost every monuments of Egypt.
Ancient Egyptian drawing which is found in almost every monuments of Egypt.

Before 3100 BC, Egypt was divided in two parts the upper and lower Egypt. It got united in 3100 BC when the pharaoh of that time, the King Menes decided to unite the two parts and to make a single kingdom.

After that Egypt was ruled for centuries by different dynasties.

The golden age of ancient is believed to around 16-13th century BC when it was under the rule of 18th and the 19th dynasties. In 525 BC the Egypt got its first foreign blow when it was invaded by Persia.

In 332 BC Alexander conquered Egypt but his rule was short lived.

After the Egypt fell into the hands of the Ptolemies dynasty which ruled till 30 BC and ended with the suicide of Cleopatra who was the last of the line.

With the end of the Ptolemies Empire Egypt was conquered by the Romans and became their capital.

In 641 AD the Arabs conquered the land and were replaced by the Turks in 1517 AD. The French rule conquered the land from 1798 to 1801.

The country was then occupied by the British in 1885. In 1922 the country finally, after centuries of foreign rule, became an independent state.

Muslims offering prayer at Al-Azhar mosque.
Muslims offering prayer at Al-Azhar mosque.
A buy marketplace in the city of Cairo.
A buy marketplace in the city of Cairo.

The Present Government Of Egypt

At present Egypt is a democratic republic.

The current president of Egypt is Mohammed Hosini Mubarak.

The Population Of Egypt

The current population of Egypt is 80,471,869 with a growth rate of 1.9% per year.

The birth rate is 23.35/1000 births a year and the death rate is 5.26/1000.

According the estimation taken in 2005 the life expectancy of the country is 72.4.

The Capital City And Some Important Cities Of Egypt

The capital city of Egypt is Cairo. This city is the most modern of all the Middle East cities and also the most populated of them all.

It has population of 11,146,000 which makes it one of the most highly populated cities of Africa.

The other important cities of the country are: Alexandria which has a population of 3,891,000, Giza with a population of 2,597,600, Shubra el Khema having a population of 1,018,000 and El Mahalla el Kubra with a population of 462,300.

Beautiful sunset at River Nile.
Beautiful sunset at River Nile.

The River Nile

The river Nile is not only the most important river of Egypt but is included in the list of greatest rivers of the world. This river has been the source of irrigation, food and transport for the Egyptians for thousands of years.

Nile is and has been, without a doubt, the biggest asset of Egypt. It is because of this mighty river that the ancient Egyptians were so highly civilized and modern.

Egypt has always been a favorite spot for conquests because of this river. The river is large enough to provide water for irrigation and other purposes to the entire country.


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