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Family Friendly Outer Banks

Updated on August 16, 2011

Getting Ready for the Trip

Ok, so the reservations are made and the trip to the OBX is anticipated with great delight. How do you make the most of this wonderful family experience?

Get online and research deals and coupons. Do not wait until you get there to pick up your travel guides. With all the excitement of arriving at the beach you will find that you do not have the time to look through the many, many books to find the very best deals. Travel guides are available to order ahead of time by mail and many are available for online viewing and coupon printing.

Outer Banks North Carolina

Plan on eating out for lunch. This is a huge money saver if you are traveling with kids. Most of the really expensive places to eat have a wonderful lunch menu at reduced costs. Go early and save time by not having to wait in lines to be seated and be sure to remember any coupons that you clipped.

If you are preparing meals during your stay, bring as many non perishable food items that your vehicle will hold. This will not only save you money (especially if you have a membership to your local grocery store) but you will also save valuable vacation time by not shopping in a grocery store you are not familiar with. Remember this advise as you wander about with 250+ other lost shoppers looking for mustard for 20 mins only to then spend the next 45 mins in the checkout lane- Although to many this is part of the OBX experience, I feel that my vacation starts much better without the added stress.

One other aspect of the OBX is the wonderful tshirts we all come home with. If your family is like mine, then everyone has at least three new shirts to take back. I have found that the kids want to wear their new shirts so why wait? Instead of trying to pack a weeks worth of clothing and then all the new tshirts in your suitcases to go home, plan on using the shirts you purchase. Pack shorts that will go with many colors like kakaki or black and wear your new shirts while you are there. This will not only save on the space in your vehicle driving to vacation (leaving you room for all your non perishable food items) it will also save you from having to have one of your kids stand on your luggage to get it to close for the trip home.

Sunrises are Free

Sunrise off a Nags Head Beach
Sunrise off a Nags Head Beach

Start your day out right

All parents know that the quiet stolen moments are priceless. After the kids have laughed and played in the surf and sand all day they are likely to fall asleep and possibly even sleep in a bit. Resist the temptation to sleep in also, this is the perfect chance to grab a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise. Relax and get a few photos, plan your activities, marvel at the awakening of a new day, or just enjoy a little bit of me time. Whatever you are into you can probably find it in those first few moments of the morning. It will start your day with a sense of peace and relaxation. Try it and see!


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    • Stephanie Henkel profile image

      Stephanie Henkel 6 years ago from USA

      I love your advice about starting the day watching the sunrise on the beach with a cup of coffee! It's my favorite thing to do, and when we're lucky, we often see dolphins swimming along close to shore. Enjoy those wonderful beach vacations with your family!