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Fun Things To Do In Queens NY -- New York City Attractions

Updated on May 24, 2012

If You Haven't Left Manhattan, You Haven't Seen New York City

When visiting NYC, it's easy to stay put in Manhattan, simply because there's so much to do. However, don't forget that there are four other boroughs to explore! Queens is, by far, the city's most multi-cultural borough; in it, hundreds of languages are spoken, and you can find almost any kind of authentic ethnic cuisine. Here's a quick guide to Queens' many neighborhoods and attractions. Trust me, there are so many things to do in Queens!

1. Explore Jackson Heights, Astoria, Flushing or Richmond Hill: Each of these neighborhoods has a unique and distinctive cultural flair. Jackson Heights is predominantly a Latino community, while Astoria has a high concentration of Greeks and Middle Easterners. Flushing, meanwhile, has many Asians and Richmond Hill has Indo-Guyanese and Indo-Trinidadian. All are worth checking out simply to walk around in or to try the cuisine. My husband and I had some of the best Greek food we've ever tasted when we ventured out to Astoria. Head to Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill and you can get Indian-influenced Guyanese food such as "doubles," which are Indian breads wrapped around fillings, or Indian pizza. Meanwhile, we had a great time sampling Korean food and dim sum in Flushing. So little English was spoken, we felt as if we were in a foreign country, so you know that the cuisine you're getting is authentic. What's so great about Queens is that in one day, you can pretty much travel the world if you stop in all of these neighborhoods. To get to Jackson Heights, take the E, F, R, V or 7 to 74th Roosevelt; to Astoria, take the N to Ditmars; to get to Flushing, take the 7 to Main St.; to get to Richmond Hill, take the A to Lefferts Blvd.

2. Take a walk through Forest Park and Forest Hills Gardens: Who knew that there would be grand, old mansions in New York City?! Walk through the two square miles of Forest Hills Gardens and you're transported to a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood lined with enormous homes, many from the 1920s and 1930s. They all have a very unique style, ranging from tudor-style homes to ones that almost look like castles. Forest Hills Gardens is especially lovely to visit in the spring when the flowers are out and the cherry blossoms are in bloom. One time, we were walking through the gardens and saw a bunch of kids throwing some fallen cherry blossoms in the air like it was New Year's and it was so beautiful. Meanwhile, nearby is the fantastic Forest Park, which has hiking trails and tennis courts -- you'd be surprised by how lost you can get while taking the trails. You don't even feel like you're in New York City anymore! Both Forest Hills Gardens and Forest Park are also near Austin Street, which boasts two movie theaters, plus many restaurants and boutiques. To get to Austin Street, take the E or F to 71st/Continental; you'll exit by Queens Blvd and Austin is one block in. You can also take the Long Island Rail Road to Forest Hills, which also exists right by Austin. To get to Forest Hills Gardens, take the LIRR, then walk two blocks in (away from the Queens Blvd.) and you'll hit the main street in the Gardens, Greenway North/South. To reach Forest Park, continue down Greenway NORTH until it veers left onto Markwood; cross at Union Tpke. and the park is right there. It can't be missed.

3. The New York Hall Of Science (47-01 111th St. Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens): This science museum is geared toward children, but is also fun for adults! It contains many hands-on exhibits, including "Rocket Park Mini-Golf" and the "Science Playground." Though it's outside of Manhattan, it's one of the best museums in the city. My friends who are teachers love it because they can take their kids on a field trip here and know that it will be fun and educational for their class. Take the 7 to 11th St. and then walk three blocks south.

4. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge (Far Rockaway, Queens): This lagoon, which is adjacent to JFK Airport, is a great place to view different types of shorebirds. Overall, it houses over 9000 diverse habitats, and has marshes, fields and forests. There are plenty of hiking trails and you'd be amazed by how many different types of animals actually live the city. When you visit this park, you also get some great views of the famed New York City skyline. To get there, take the A train to Broad Channel station. When you get out, walk west to Crossbay Boulevard then turn right and walk about half a mile to the Visitors Center.

5. Citi Field (12301 Roosevelt Ave., Queens): Mets fans can catch a game at their new home. To get there, take the LIRR to the Citi Field stop. It's an easy trip which makes things very convenient for baseball fanatics!

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

The Mets At Citi Field

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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      Cool. I have been to Queens but haven't spent much time there. It looks like a nice community. Isn't it Queens that has that humongous cemetery?