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Fun Day Out at Everland, Korea

Updated on July 16, 2011

Everland: Famous Theme Park

Everland is one of Korea’s famous theme parks. It is huge and is divided into sections according to different themes. Close to Everland is another water theme park called Caribbean Bay which uses boy band 2PM and girl band Girl’s Generation (or SoNyeoShiDae) to promote. Due to time constraint, I spent a few hours at Everland and did not enter Caribbean Bay.

Everland is divided into 5 sections, namely: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zoo-topia. Each section offers different types of fun and rides. Various facilities are also located around the park such as restaurants and snack stalls. As I visited in June, there was an ongoing Rose Festival.

Four Seasons Garden at Everland

A beautifully landscaped area in Four Seasons Garden, Everland.
A beautifully landscaped area in Four Seasons Garden, Everland.

Beautiful Flowers at Everland

The Four Seasons Garden and the Rose Garden was beautifully decorated with the blooming flowers. Even outside of these gardens, visitors can witness the beautiful flowers planted all around the park. If I were to visit in spring and autumn, I would have the chance to witness a different kind of scenery. I'm sure it will be just as beautiful.

Short Clip of the Polar Bear at Everland

Safari World Ride

See bears and other animals from the comfort and safety of the safari bus ride.
See bears and other animals from the comfort and safety of the safari bus ride.

Zoo-Topia: Safari and Animal Performances

In the Zoo-Topia section, there is the Safari World where you can take a bus ride which brings you close to wild animals such as bears, white tigers, elephants and giraffes. Although we were there on a weekday, the queue was still quite long and it was here that we waited the longest, about half an hour. So, if you ever visit Everland on a weekend, plan you time well. Besides Safari World, you can also see other animals in this section such a a polar bear, penguins and sea lions. At a certain time, there are performances too.

American Adventure: Roller Coasters and more

For something more thrilling, head to the American Adventure section for rollercoaster rides and other heart-stopping rides like the Double Rock Spin where you will be rotated 360 degrees not just once, but a few times! Definitely not suitable for those with weak stomachs and for those afraid of heights. Even I felt dizzy after taking one ride. If you still have appetite for more thrills, there are rides like Let's Twist, Hurricane and the Rolling X-Train.

Do you dare take a ride on this roller coaster?

The T Express, the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world.
The T Express, the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world.

European Adventure: Parades and the T Express

Another section is European Adventure. The most famous ride here is definitely the T Express which is known for being the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. As I took the Skyway from the American Adventure section to this section, I could marvel at the ride from a higher point of view. This section is also where performances take place. In the day, there is the Carnival Fantasy Parade and the Magician of Spring. At night, there is a beautiful display of lights at the Dream of Laciun and also at the Moon Light Parade.

Magic Land: The Place for Kids

Although it may be fun to go on the roller coasters, some of the rides may not be suitable for kids. Hence, there is Magic Land where there are milder rides like the ferris wheel, the Flying Elephant, the bumper cars and the Spooky Fun House. All in all, Everland is a great place for a fun day out with the entire family. There is something to do regardless of your age, courage or stamina! No wonder it is one of Korea's most famous and visited theme parks.


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