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Fun in Boston for under $5

Updated on August 24, 2016
Taken at the end of our day trip. We were very happy but in the middle of the street.
Taken at the end of our day trip. We were very happy but in the middle of the street.

March 16, 2008

The day began as a spontaneous decision. It was the day after my fiance's brother's wedding and we wanted to wander around Boston. We spent under $5 and had the best day together that really reignited the flame in our relationship. I parked the car in the first spot I could find and we began walking with no specific plans in mind.

We turned a corner and found the Boston library. There are several rooms with many different things and exhibits to see. On the top floor Jeanpaul and I observed artifacts that are hundreds of years old. There are also beautiful murals painted on the library walls that take minutes to absorb. And all for free.

We continued walking and found a CVS. We decided we were a bit parched and stopped in to buy two bottles of water which cost under $3. Then continued our walk.

As we walked along the streets of Boston we found a park. I saw a skating rink with many people who moved beautifully. Jeanpaul and I knew we would fall on our faces so we just watched as we walked by and saved ourselves. Even though spring hadn't begun it was still beautiful. The design of the park, the statues and the animals were all worth it. I had never been able to walk up next to a duck so close before in my life.

Out of the park we walked by several stores and tall buildings and found... Faneuil Hall. There were the most amazing street performers in front. Their dancing and music was so exciting it had the crowd including me dancing and cheering. Jeanpaul and I walked through the gift shop on the first floor and saw many cute trinkets but nothing we wanted to purchase. Then we found our way upstairs and saw the main hall with a painting at least 20 feet long that depicted the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I felt so privileged to be standing in that room. I know the Declaration of Independence wasn't signed there but the fact I was standing in a room where many of the United States' historic trail blazers once stood made me feel so inspired.

On the walk out of the back of Faneuil Hall was an interesting experience. A completely different kind of street performer was there. A young woman completely covered in silver was standing as a statue on a platform. Jeanpaul gave me a dollar to give to her and then I heard a strange noise. When I looked up at her, she had a slight grin. Jeanpaul told me she had blown me a kiss.

After Faneuil Hall Jeanpaul and I walked down some more streets and found an old cemetery with an enormous head stone with a familiar name on it. I know cemeteries are not the usual stop for a nice day out but I couldn't resist, and bless Jeanpaul he always indulges me. The enormous head stone read "Franklin", and as we walked through the cemetery we found more graves of history's leading men. Jeanpaul and I visited Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Peter Faneuil and Samuel Adams. That cemetery is call Granary Burying Ground on Park Street. Following the the cemetery Jeanpaul and I found an unusual address that I feel is worth mentioning. I had never seen an address like it, "ZERO PARK STREET."

What I want you to take away from this hub is be spontaneous, have no expectations and walk around, see what you can find. I hope you have a day like Jeanpaul and I had.


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