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Funny Signs in Singapore

Updated on July 7, 2011

In Singapore you will find many warning signs that inform you of things you cannot do. There a lot of things that are not allowed in Singapore and you will get hefty fines otherwise. For example, eating and drinking but also chewing gum are completely banned in trains and I must say they are very clean because of this. I have selected a few funny signs that are used to warn or communicate something.

You would expect these things to be common sense but they are probably there to prevent legal problems when it goes wrong. They are like all those warnings on the back of your products that tell you what you should definitely not do!

Time for a chuckle? Here are some funny signs in Singapore:

Don't sit while riding an escalator


Seriously, this is a warning sign for an escalator! Never in my life have I seen someone ride an escalator like that but Singapore has a warning sign for it. Shouldn't this be common sense? The escalators are moving fast anyway so you better find a bench to sit rather than on the escalator.

I also wonder how came up with this sign: was this behaviour a serious problem for a while so they decided to make a sign for it? I have asked a local Singaporean and it turns out they indeed had problems where children were playing on the escalator like that. It is better to prevent incidents of course but I do feel common sense should serve to prevent this (e.g., "do not put your dog in a microwave").

Here is another one on how to use a escalator correctly:


It won't be long before they start selling booklets on how to use an escalator properly! Usually it suffices to have a warning sign that you should be careful with your hands and legs near the edges of the escalator but this sign is a full-blown guide on using the escalator. I can imagine it arose out of the same situation as before: building management does not want to be responsible when these things happen and people start complaining to them.

Press button to cross the street.. I mean for Green Man


In many countries you simply need to press a button to indicate that you want to cross the street. When it is time to do so, a green walking man will be lit so that you know that you can cross the street. But in Singapore you actually press the button to get the Green Man.

So how do Singaporeans cross the street? They wait for the Green Man. But how do you get the Green Man? You press the button for the Green Man! See, very organized and it is very clear how you should cross the street!

To be fair, this is actually more accurate than a message like "Press button to cross" because you cannot immediately cross after pressing the button, you have to wait for the green man first.

Watch your head!


Be careful! If the auto barrier is coming down and you are standing there, it will hit you on the head. If you didn't see the auto barrier then you probably also didn't see the car that drove past recently; what caught your interest that you failed to see all of this?! Perhaps a minor blow on the head is a good way to start paying attention again!

History of Singapore

Do you know any other funny signs in Singapore?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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    • profile image

      Siren 3 years ago

      Becos it is cater to dumb people who makes the dumbest mistakes that will cause injury to self...

    • simeonvisser profile image

      simeonvisser 6 years ago

      Oh I didn't even have to search for warning signs in Singapore: they are everywhere! I didn't include them because they're not necessarily funny. Those signs just highlight the desire of the Singapore society to warn its citizens about everything. I did see some souvenirs that refer to the idea that Singapore is a 'fine' city.

    • tiffanysanmartin profile image

      tiffanysanmartin 6 years ago from California

      It is very interesting some of the signs that S'pore has. Next time you visit S'pore look out for the fine signs. Singapore is nicknamed a "fine" city because a person can get penalized $500 or more for doing things wrong. i.e. no spitting, no urinating, no chewing gum, and no carrying durian on the public transportation are some of the strangest I've seen. Since you seem to have a love for foreign signage (as do I) search "singapore fine city" on google images and you see them all.

    • simeonvisser profile image

      simeonvisser 6 years ago

      @danieliuhasz: Sure, share those funny signs! :)

    • danieliuhasz profile image

      danieliuhasz 6 years ago from Romania

      Ok, funny signs over there :)) I should also write something about Romania. Will do soon :D

    • simeonvisser profile image

      simeonvisser 6 years ago

      Ah, not yet, at least I have not heard of her. This is just based on my own visit to Singapore and I see I'm not the first who notices all the signs and warnings in Singapore. Nice website though, I'll watch the video later :)

    • profile image

      frantiic 6 years ago

      Are you a fan of Natalie Tran, by chance?

      She visited Singapore recently, and made similar comments. I build her website :) Either way, you may enjoy the video if not.