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What To Do? Things To Do In Singapore With Kids

Updated on June 28, 2011

Singapore is a modern country in South-East Asia and it provides entertainment for all ages. The weather is good and there are many indoor and outdoor places that children will love. This article shares some really nice things to do in Singapore for kids; it is certainly a good holiday location, even if you don't live in a nearby country.

Take a look at this article for some entertainment for the children.. or the youthful among us! I'll also give you the websites of these attractions and how to get there by public transport. The MRT is an easy way to travel around Singapore and together with the buses you can get where you want to go.

Singapore Science Centre


How to get there?
You can get to the Singapore Science Centre by taking the MRT to Jurong East and then it is only a short walk away.

Robot in the Singapore Science Centre
Robot in the Singapore Science Centre | Source

Singapore Science Centre

The Singapore Science Centre makes all kinds of interesting phenomena accessible for children. You can find interactive exhibits and useful explanations about optical illusions, biology, physics, mathematics and a variety of other subjects. In a playful manner the centre aims to teach but also entertain kids about life on earth. Even many adults can learn a thing or two they didn't know about the world around us!

The Singapore Science Centre also offers an IMAX theatre, called the Omni-Theatre, where you can view some movies in an IMAX experience. This is a great attraction to include in your day visit to the Singapore Science Centre!


How to get there?
Take the MRT to HarbourFront. From there you can take the Sentosa Express, a train ride to one of the train stations on Sentosa island. Alternatively, you can also walk across the Sentosa BoardWalk to arrive on Sentosa by foot.

The Merlion on Sentosa Island
The Merlion on Sentosa Island | Source
Some beaches on Sentosa Island with many ships in the distance
Some beaches on Sentosa Island with many ships in the distance | Source


Sentosa is Singapore's island of entertainment. You can find beaches and exciting attractions as well as the theme park Universal Studios Singapore. You can easily spend a whole day there or longer.

Some nice attractions are the luge, the 4D cinema and the Butteryfly Park & Insect Kingdom. Have a look through the list at Sentosa's website (see box) to plan your visit. There are thrilling attractions as well as peaceful and calm attractions. Make sure you visit the Tiger Sky Tower for a really nice view of Sentosa, Singapore's harbour and nearby islands.

For adventurous travellers, you can also visit the southern most point of continental Asia here at Sentosa island. It takes a wobbly bridge to reach the place and there is a nice viewing pagoda.

You have to pay for each attraction separately so you can choose which ones are worth your money. There are also package deals for combinations of attractions.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Songs of the Sea show which involves music, advanced laser effects and fireworks. The show is performed several times daily in the evening.

For more information about Sentosa, see the following article:

Night Safari

How to get there?
Take the MRT to Ang Mo Kio and take bus 138 from the bus station.

Night Safari!
Night Safari! | Source

Night Safari

If the kids can stay up late, take them on a night safari! This is one of the most popular attractions in Singapore and unique in the world. The Singapore Zoo offers a night safari through their zoo in which you can see many nocturnal animals. I have seen many animals that I had never seen before on this tour! You are driven around in a vehicle and there are no fences for many animals. This means the animals could be eating or walking just one or two meters away from you!

The Night Safari takes places at the Singapore Zoo from 7.30 pm until midnight. You can combine a visit to the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari into one package which means you can spend a whole day and evening in the zoo! You don't need to do both on the same day though. For bird lovers, you can also add the Jurong Bird Park into the package deal. You can also go there if your child or children admire birds!

If you wish to take photos, note that flash photography is not allowed so you need a good camera that can capture photos at night from a slow-moving vehicle.

Escape Theme Park

How to get there?
Take the MRT to Pasir Ris. From there it is only a short walk to Escape Theme Park.

Escape Theme Park

The Escape Theme Park in Singapore is a large theme park with fun attractions such as bumper boats, go-karts and a roller coaster. The park features mostly family rides and also some thrilling rides.

You can find the highest log flume ride of Asia in Escape Theme Park, which is quite a refreshing splash in Singapore's hot climate.

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