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Grand Canyon Pictorial

Updated on November 13, 2013

The Grand Canyon is a mystical, and a very magical place in this world. The Grand Canyon is as fascinating to mankind as fire. Odd shapes, and brilliant colors have been cut out of solid rock over the coarse of time. Thanks to the mighty Colorado River, with rapids rated up to number eight on the scale, the Grand Canyon is both a creation of water and time.

Millions and millions of people from all over this big world come to witness for themselves, all of the Grand Canyon's natural beauty each and every year. Every word known to man has been used in an attempt to describe all of the Grand Canyon's grandeur. It's even possible that the proper word to describe the Grand Canyon hasn't even been invented yet by mankind. I've always felt that "The Vault of Heaven" comes the closest that I've ever heard of when it comes to trying to describe all of the Grand Canyon's natural beauty.

There have been untold volumes and volumes of books written about the Grand Canyon, and all of it's beauty. There are those that believe that everything interesting has already been written about the Grand Canyon, however I don't see how that's at all possible. One thing that I'm convinced of is that there's no way all of the Grand Canyon can ever be photographed. The Grand Canyon is just simply much to big for every angle, and every single area that it encompasses to ever be completely 100% photographed. So I figured it's now my turn to write a hub about the Grand Canyon complete with photographs.

Another goal of mine, when it comes to writing about the Grand Canyon, is to make this the second biggest hub ever on all of the hub pages. The unofficial biggest hub will always be the now unpublished "The Wonderful World of Possums". This hub is going to be comprised of one massive Grand Canyon pictorial, which I truly hope that everyone out there enjoys.

All of these photographs were taken on the Grand Canyon's South rim in the great state of Arizona. These pictures were all taken on July 4th 2012, which was recorded as the coldest July Fourth at the Grand Canyon in over one hundred years. On this same day the town of Tusayan, Arizona, which is located just below the South rim of the Grand Canyon, celebrated with a parade both the July fourth holiday, and Arizona's 100th birthday of becoming the 48th state of the United States of America.

I took all the pictures myself in this Grand Canyon pictorial, as I've named it, along the entire Grand Canyon's South rim's Desert View Drive from one end to the other end. I photographed From Hermits Rest on the Western tip of the South rim to the Desert View Watch Tower, which is located on the far Eastern side of the South rim.

Another reason I decided to write this hub about the Grand Canyon, is because I wanted to share these pictures with everyone on the hub pages. I realize that not everybody agrees with this, but I think it's just selfish to keep photographs like these hidden away in a closed photo album, or on a memory chip of a digital camera where no one else can enjoy them. And on top of that if anything happens like fire or theft, then the photographs are gone forever. By doing it this way, and by putting them on the hub pages, these photographs will always be out there for everyone to see and enjoy.

In closing I would like to add, that I give my permission and blessing to anyone who would like to use any of these photographs for their own purpose, which I myself took of the Grand Canyon. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope everyone has the opportunity someday to visit the beautiful Grand Canyon along with all of the wonderful park rangers who are working there.

I had to put at least one picture of some Possums in this hub before it ended!
I had to put at least one picture of some Possums in this hub before it ended!

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