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Great Vacation Destination Ideas

Updated on May 24, 2016
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Stella has published a selection of travel articles and destination guides together with a wealth of photographs.

Beach holidays that will be sure to please

Kos, Greek islands
Kos, Greek islands | Source

Take to the sea for the best view of the beach

Beach view near Altinkum, Turkey
Beach view near Altinkum, Turkey | Source


For those tourists based within reasonable travelling distance of mainland Europe, Turkey remains one of the best options for a value for money vacation. It is easier to find a cheaper package deal here than in the neighbouring country of Greece. For a typical family sunshine holiday, Turkey has a wealth of choices. Flights to Dalaman, Antalya and Bodrum are cheap and frequent from the UK and other northern European countries throughout the May to October season and although Turkey has several other airports the above are three which are located near to many of the most popular tourist areas. A vacation in Turkey can be affordable to most because of its cut-price hotels, reasonably priced goods and services plus inexpensive food and drink. Tourists return to Turkey year after year knowing they won’t be disappointed. Just because everything is cheap it does not mean you have to compromise on quality; Turkish resorts offer top quality attractions and desirable locations as good as anywhere in the Mediterranean, but the overall cost of a vacation in Turkey can be considerably less. The hotter months of July and August are perhaps best avoided for those who prefer the heat a little less oppressive so why not travel to Turkey in June or October when you will be able to get an even cheaper package deal?

View from a Tunisian balcony

View towards the Mediterranean from a Hammamet balcony
View towards the Mediterranean from a Hammamet balcony | Source


Tunisia, in Northern Africa is another country with a Mediterranean seaboard that gives excellent value for money. You will find you have more spending power whatever country you hail from and the standard of hotels are extremely high. The discerning tourist will never be disappointed with Tunisia or the sheer volume of attractions available at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. In Tunisia you can even take a two to three day trek into the Sahara and be Lawrence of Arabia for the day, discover the place where some of the scenes in the first ‘Star Wars’ film were made and visit a genuine oasis. Souvenirs such as beautifully patterned carpets in every possible colour can be bought at affordable prices and can even be delivered back home at additional cost. The beaches of the North African coastline are magnificent and a holiday here will never cost you the earth.

Great guide to the Bahamas

Florida and The Bahamas

For those based in the states and not wishing to take a transatlantic flight, a cheap action-packed location for a holiday has got to be Miami. The kids will never fail to be impressed with anything associated with Disney and all the familiar fast food chains are to be found on almost every block. For those wishing to travel that little bit further than Miami, the clear blue waters of The Bahamas beckon. Here too, you can find fun-packed family deals that aren’t prohibitive in price. The delights of Paradise Island and the Atlantis resort can be discovered at prices no more expensive than those you would expect at Disney resorts on mainland America. There is a convincing replica of a Mayan temple at the Aquaventure and an amazing marine life park to keep the entire family entertained. A pirate ship and other swashbuckling amusements for kids of all ages will add to the Caribbean atmosphere and provide the chance for active grown-ups to enjoy all the technological thrills and spills that were never around in their own childhood. The theme park covers a massive hundred and forty acre site that offers unbeatable value for money. All inclusive deals to Paradise Island are available and will help you keep within your set budget, but if the larger resorts are not for you, there are still plenty of quieter locations to choose from in the Bahamas that are affordable and need not be exclusive to the elite.

Why not book a cruise and see several countries?

Cheap travel for Americans and Europeans

The Caribbean is to the American what the Mediterranean is to the European and both locations offer a wide variety of choice to those expecting an affordable holiday.

This article has only touched on two locations in each that offer value for money holidays and there are many others which are perhaps just as affordable. A variety of different destinations are more within the means of most than they used to be with the rise of budget airlines and discounted travel.

You may be pleasantly surprised that the dream holiday you thought was never going to be possible can now become reality. By a thorough investigation of your desired location on the Internet you can gauge whether the total costs will be well within your budget and will be able to take advantage of any offers that may be available such as discounts for early booking or larger groups etc. Remember that off- season bargain holidays can be little different from those taken at height of the season when the costs are more expensive and you may find you appreciate the location more when the crowds are gone and the sun is not so hot.

The wise traveller nowadays will always try to get the best all round deal so that hard earned cash can be spent on those extra little luxuries that make a holiday memorable.

A deserted cove awaits discovery on the Algarve

The Algarve, Portugal
The Algarve, Portugal | Source

Portugal has a fine selection of sandy coves

Some of the best beaches in the world can be found on Portugal's Algarve. Here you will easily find the beach of your dreams Flights to Faro Airport will enable you to visit the wonderful selection of beaches in and around Albufeira. There are fascinating rock formations which are a photographer's delight,.all along the Atlantic coast.

Guide to Portugal

A man-made beach can be just as good as a natural one

Amadores beach Gran Canaria
Amadores beach Gran Canaria | Source

The Canaries are an ever popular year round destination

Year round sunshine

For anyone in search of year round sunshine, The Canary Islands, located off the coast of North west Africa, will be sure to appeal to all tastes.There are beaches galore and the laid back Spanish lifestyle will ensure you enjoy a relaxing vacation whichever Island you choose. Gran Canaria has a wonderful selection of sandy beaches and also boasts a rocky coastline that makes for interesting boat trips. Lanzarote has volcanic scenery to rival a dinosaur movie and Tenerife is popular with the young and lively crowd. Fuerteventura is a favourite with windsurfers, but each Island maintains it's own unique character. A vacation in the Canary Islands will thus provide a memorable vacation for all the family. Even a stay in a four star hotel will be amazingly competitive when compared to most other European destinations and you will be virtually guaranteed two weeks of perpetual sunshine at any time of year.

Spain has magnificent mountain scenery away from the busy Costas

La Vinuela  in Andalucia, Southern  Spain
La Vinuela in Andalucia, Southern Spain | Source

Spain and its islands are always popular destinations for the British

Spain again!

Many holidaymakers return to Spain year after year knowing they will get a value for money vacation that will please all the family. Since the rise of the typical package holiday back in the 1970s, ever popular resorts on the Spanish Costas have lured more northerly Europeans in search of summer sun. Some like it so much that instead of returning year after year they decide to make their home there! Although most coastal areas are by now overbuilt and too commercialised, the real Spain can still be discovered not too far away. The mountains of Andalucia are incredibly beautiful and there is a a rich history and diverse culture to explore for those who can tear themselves away from the beach.

Family fun in the sun

Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria
Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria | Source

Cruising can be a great way to see several destinations in a short space of time

Opting for a cruise can be a great way to have a quick 'taster' of several desirable destinations and enjoy your time at sea too. Cruising nowadays is much more modern and offers tourists of all ages the holiday of their lives. Whether you are honeymooners,singles or have a young family there will be a suitable cruise for you at a price you can afford. For those still unsure whether cruising is the vacation for them why not book a week's cruise and a week's stay at a land based resort and enjoy the best of both worlds?

A typical Mediterranean cruise... Lisbon to Rome

The Mediterranean is one of the most popular areas for cruising due to the vast number of destinations within the scope of a seven to ten day time frame

Treat yourself to cocktail on the sun terrace whichever destination you choose!


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