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Vacation know how Preparation And Safety

Updated on April 6, 2017
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Nell is a trained Psychologist and lives in London England. She has been writing since she was a child.

Safety on Vacation
Safety on Vacation

Holiday Know How

We all love our Holiday or vacation break once a year. After spending hour after hour at the office or work place, we look forward to having a couple of weeks just relaxing from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We spend hours reading brochures and scrolling through the Internet trying to find the perfect vacation spot. And if we are lucky enough to find the perfect holiday destination then we book it, start packing and doing all the last minute rushing around trying to make sure that we have bought all the right clothes, books and just about everything else.

But there is one big problem. It is a proven fact that the second anybody decides to go away for a few days or weeks, they go straight into holiday mode. What that actually means is that, instead of being on the alert for any trouble, albeit subconsciously like we are in everyday life, when we go on holiday or vacation somewhere nice and relaxing, we tend to leave our common sense at home. There have been many incidents in the News concerning a traveler coming to a sticky end because they never used their common sense.

For example, how many of us would jump on a scooter, without a helmet and rush up the motorway, on the 'wrong' side of the road, after drinking four pints of the local sangria? Get my point? For some reason we believe that we will be safe on Holiday! Nothing can harm us.

In America or anywhere else in the world that you live, you wouldn't go out onto the sea in a boat, without a life Jacket. But sadly there are many accidents caused by doing just this because they are 'On Vacation'! So, Preparation is the key to a carefree break. Just a few tips and ideas can make your holiday go swimmingly.

When To Travel

To start the preparations off, what is the first thing you do when you plan a vacation? Yes, you pick the weeks to suit your work. But did you know that you can sometimes save hundreds of dollars just by travelling one day earlier or later? Most holidays are booked from a certain date within the parameters of the booking firm. But you can ask to go earlier or later, even midweek to midweek. It is certainly well worth asking.


Most of us can't wait to get out of the house when we are in a hurry to start our vacation. But there are a few tips that could save you a major headache on return from your holiday. Most people either take their valuables with them if it consists of jewelry, but what about all the other valuable objects? Take photographs of anything of value so if you are burgled then you can show this to the police. Its not a nice thing to think of, but it is a good idea to set your mind at rest. But what about when you are abroad? It's a good idea to take photos of your valuables that you are taking with you. Make sure that you keep all receipts, not only for the things you take, but for the items that you buy out there. Another good idea is to send yourself an email or text onto your phone or PC, the name and contact info for your bank and insurance provider. This will be much better than writing it down, just in case you lose the slip of paper that it is written on. You never know when you need to find it quickly, and you can't get quicker than your mobile contact list. You want your Happy Holiday to be just that, happy! Just a little bit of preparation can mean saving you from endless hours of heartbreak.

Why not buy some great colorful luggage? Then you'll never lose it at the Airport!


Your Garden

Before you leave on your vacation, make sure that you move pots and baskets into a shady spot and stand them on saucers of water. Then cover the compost with a layer of gravel to help retain moisture. You don't want to come home and find your prized plants and flowers wilted and dried out.


There isn't anything worse than, after a six hour flight and then the drive home after your break, to find there isn't any food in the house. Do an online shop before you go, and make sure to tell them the date and time that you are returning, this way you will have a fridge full of lovely tasty treats to help you over the jet lag!


How many times have you heard of someones travel bag or luggage going missing? Yes, it does happen quite often. Most of the time the cases are returned to the owner within a few days. But what happens if you have this happen to you just as you have arrived at your destination? What a nightmare! So, if you are travelling with a companion, whether it be your husband or wife, or just a friend, put a couple of changes of clothes in their suitcase, and vice versa. This way you will at least have a change of undies and a couple of T shirts and shorts to wear until your suitcase appears. It's not ideal, but it's better than having nothing to wear. Another good idea is to put your clothes on hangers before you go. Then fold them at the last minute. Ideally, cover them with the plastic from the cleaners or a black bag and place them in the case. This will prevent you having to do any ironing when you arrive.

On The Plane

Not many people realise that, since smoking was made illegal when flying, the air quality on the Plane is staler! Evidently the circulation has been halved. But don't worry, even though you are breathing in someone else's carbon monoxide, the Pilot is given constant clean air. So that's all right then. So a good idea is to try to keep you germ free. You don't want to get the flu whilst lying on a beach! Dab a mixture of Vaseline and lavender oil around your nostrils to help prevent colds. This will collect the particles around your nose and stop it from whizzing up into your immune system. Another good idea is to start taking garlic tablets before you go, and continue them whilst on your vacation. Unless you are going for a romantic holiday of course! These are great little natural antibiotics. Nurses take them all the time. And don't forget to take an aspirin before flying if it is a long journey. It helps prevent blood clots forming.

On The Beach

If you drop your digital camera on the beach, don't panic. Don't try to just brush of the sand and then turn it on. This may cause all sorts of damage to it. You may have sand lodged in places that you can't see. When you are back at the hotel, get a brush and and gently wipe all the sand away. Then wipe the Camera with a moistened lens cloth. And last but not least, never ever forget your sunblock!

I hope these ideas will help to keep you safe, and give you peace of mind while on your vacation. Have a great time!

Travel and Beach - Must haves for the family And Safety comes First

Have you packed all your essentials? No? didn't think so! There is always something that we forget to take on our Holiday. And sometimes this can be a major pain when you suddenly realise that you have forgotten the obvious. Simple things. But so important. Take a look at my Hub Travel and Beach - Must haves for the family And Safety comes First you may just save yourself a lot of trouble!

© 2011 Nell Rose


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