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Havasu Falls AZ - A Spiritual Awakening

Updated on November 6, 2015
- Photo Courtesy of Rallyroo -
- Photo Courtesy of Rallyroo -

The Beginning

Somewhere between the Grand Canyon and Heaven you will find a stunningly beautiful, natural portrait called Havasu Falls. An unassuming in size, yet powerfully alluring hidden gem located in Supai AZ which appears to first time visitors as if it was hand crafted and forged by the gentle, meticulously magical touch of commissioned angels. The precious, sparkling and pure water as it flows generously from above, restlessly settles in the awaiting pool which forms a distinct pastel colored oasis. The crystal clear liquid mirror finish reflects the surrounding hues from the rigid canyon walls in all directions. Standing in this pool, if you look downward toward the sacred terra firma, your eyes will undoubtedly pierce unimpeded right through to the bottom where the soft sand and rainbow colored sediment that seems to resemble a freshly painted portrait, is natures gift of splendor to those who visit this striking, mystical locale.

Home to a mere 600 Native American keepers of the painted land, predominantly the Havasupai who have archived a long documented history of preserving and protecting for the benefit of all visitors, their dedication will always be appreciated, cherished, and remembered for all generations. This uniquely fashioned arid canyon land plays host to thousands of tourists each year, and for those who are fortunate enough to make the trek and wallow in her warm therapeutic waters, the experience can culminate in a physically and psychologically healing, life changing event for the better. A new, spiritually centered appreciation for the simpler things, and acceptance of the innate responsibility of a voluntary stewardship position as implied oath to protect this and other natural wonders, is certainly not an uncommon take away.

"If you've never had the opportunity to experience a true spiritual episode outside of man made sacred walls, one which penetrated your very soul as well as physical body, then Havasu Fallsawaits to test your psychological boundaries in a calming way. Not only are the mineral rich waters a healing force but the magical Native American aura will captivate and seduce your very essence. The Grand Canyon is home to so many natural, stunningly beautiful anomalies and gifts of nature that Havasu Falls sometimes gets lost in the overall scheme of its enormity." <> A.P.

- Photo Courtesy of tjk -
- Photo Courtesy of tjk -

The Trail, Creek, & Falls

Havasu Falls AZ, this audaciously non-conforming land which is seemingly an ongoing oil painting executed in generational length time intervals and stages, has three distinct yet tightly interwoven themes, "The Trail", which is a path leading downward and descending into The Falls, a sandy surfaced artery which must be walked and navigated to reach and ultimately gain entrance into this secluded place, "The Creek", where the waters come to rest and settle after a long, winding journey, and of course "The Falls", where the story begins. All three elements are essential to ultimately create this chorus of visual charismatic splendor and spirituality. This is no solo act, and like a church assembly singing in sweet, pitch perfect harmony, without one voice you can't fully appreciate the other, and that's how this trio of natural elements work together, hand in hand to stage this wonderment.

The trail that leads to the Falls is roughly 9 miles in a descending fashion. The Native Tribe charges a reasonable fee to enter the lands, you can hike the trail or ride by horseback if you are feeling adventurous, and burro's to carry luggage are available and supplied by the host nation for an additional charge. There is also a campground which usually requires a reservation in advance if that's your intention. The facilities are unmatched by the splendor of the falls, but usable for a rugged outdoor style experience. In addition to the main facilities, a small lodge is situated on location for overnight stays, an alternative choice which requires a reservation as well.

- Photo Courtesy of tjk -
- Photo Courtesy of tjk -

The Spirituality

There are very few places on earth that I can think of, aside from a synthetic, man made structure such as a synagogue or temple or any other religious building, in which you can physically immerse yourself and be totally submerged in a spiritually soothing effervescence. Havasu Falls is unquestionably one of these special places. More than a million years in the making, an unfinished natural masterpiece constantly in the works. Ever so slowly and meticulously carved and shaped by the mineral rich crystal waters as they flow through, hour by hour, day by day, they brush up against the course, solid rock taking with it the tiny eroded particles which inevitably ride the gushing falls only to be deposited at another destination somewhere within the wading pool, or possibly further downstream.

Just as the waters gradually sweep away thin layers of mother earth, if you unleash your inhibitions, they will surely touch you and whisk you off unto a magical and mystical destination situated within the inner soul. The sights and sounds will no doubt serve as temptress to extract and provoke your inner most thoughts, desires & emotions. There's just something about this place that unconditionally evokes a special feeling of serenity as you become one intertwined with nature. Perhaps it's the rich, inspirational, and romantic Native American history and culture that romantically surrounds the falls, or just the fact you are witness to something so beautiful which was created in such a secluded, remote place, or maybe its the feeling that you are the only soul around for miles frolicking passionately within your warm, personal pool of pleasure. Or, perhaps it's just the relaxing sound of the falls as her waters careen off the natural rock shelf above and splash energetically into the awaiting creek generating a refreshing mineral mist. All are valid personal feelings and your own, individual experience will reveal the true reasons and meaning.

- Photo Courtesy of tjk -
- Photo Courtesy of tjk -

The Time to Visit & Preparation

As magnificent a sight the Falls can be during summer, we also realize this spectacular locale is situated within the desert, a place which is naturally conducive to a dry, arid climate. As soothing, comfortable, and healing the mystical desert elements can be, an immediate, instantaneous tolerance for the unique weather is not an innate, natural adjustment automatically made by all visitors, therefore, the experience can also produce an uncomfortable sensation for those who may not be acclimated to this region. Summer is a premium time to visit the Havasu Falls however, a trip in the spring or fall presents significantly milder conditions while the beauty and splendor of this heavenly domain remains un-compromised.

The Falls, located in Cataract Canyon within the Grand Canyon National Park and just a short day trip from Kingman Arizona, are open year round, and it's just a matter of personal preference and tolerance which usually dictates the time of year to visit. The recommendation is to call in advance before making the trip.The Native American Ambassadors try in good faith, to manage visitor flow in an effort to mitigate over crowding. This proactive consideration ensures a pleasant experience for those who plan ahead and subsequently make the journey.

Hydration is essential when visiting, so bring plenty of water and snacks or lunch for the trip. Once you arrive at the destination, there is food available which is provided by the Native American Diner. Check local weather conditions prior to your arrival and always remember to dress appropriately. Light clothing with an abundance of sun screen in summer would be advised with slight adjustments thereof for alternate seasons.

  • A cap or visor will work well for the hike and try not to forget the digital camera or camcorder, once in a lifetime photo opportunities abound within the canyon walls. The color schemes are truly extraordinary to say the least, and documenting the incredible picture perfect scenery will bring many years of sentimental, retrospective enjoyment as you look back at the striking, one of a kind natural mosaics.

Parting Gift for the Soul

As you can clearly see from the incorporated photos, hiking through this small, remote, symphony of rock configurations and natural water colored images located on the blessed lands of the Havasupai Indian Reservation is indeed a one of a kind experience. Breathe in deeply while your there to be sure and capture your personal spiritual keep sake to cherish and hold forever. Mooney Falls, Havasu Falls, Navajo Falls, Beaver Falls, & Havasu Creek will continue on with its ever changing and evolving landscape only to periodically unveil newly sculptured displays for all to behold. If we are all good Sheppards of our fragile planet, this remote, euphorically sensual wonderland will always be there for future generations. Some may stumble helplessly upon this Eden purely by accident, while others will return time after time to inhale another clean, crisp, rejuvenating breath of spiritual healing.

- Photo Courtesy of tjk -
- Photo Courtesy of tjk -
- Photo Courtesy of kanu101 -
- Photo Courtesy of kanu101 -

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