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Himalayas Manaslu Circuit Trek – Your Alternative Adventure Of A Lifetime

Updated on May 17, 2014

A Himalayan Adventure Trek Like No Other

If you are an adventure trekker and are looking for any outdoor adventure that challenges you physically, and moves your spirit in some way, then this trek is for you. There is nothing more adventurous than a trip to the great Himalayan wilderness, and for centuries these mountains have been known for adventure seekers from all walks of life and from all parts of the globe. If you are looking for an authentic Himalayan trekking experience, can you won't be disappointed in the Manaslu Trail.

Khumbu Glacier

Khumbu Glacier Active Adventure s Tour
Khumbu Glacier Active Adventure s Tour | Source

Manaslu and Annapurna Sanctuary

In the Himalayas there are many treks to choose from, however there are some that can truly be classified as a trekkers holy grail. The Annapurna's century trek and the Manaslu both fit into this category. Situated at an altitude of 26,800 feet, the Manaslu trek is known for it’s challenging and isolated features. Measuring around 8163 m above sea level, the Manaslu range is also considered to be the eighth tallest in the world and lies around the Larkya La Pass.

This journey provides some of the most spectacular mountain panoramas, punctuated by Buddhist monasteries and Hindu villages along the way. These monasteries and the villages provide a glimpse of the fascinating Buddhist and Hindu culture that provides a bright contrast to the wilderness around.

Annapurna Sanctuary

A markerAnnapurna Sanctuary -
Annapurna Sanctuary, Annapurna Conservation Area, Ghandruk 33700, Nepal
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Manaslu and Annapurna Nepal

What You'd Like To See

What Do You Want To See In Nepal

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14 to 25 Day Treks

The duration of the Manaslu Circuit Trek can vary anywhere between 14 to 25 days. The starting point of the trek is from Besi Sahar in Nepal. The road to this starting point will take you through picturesque Alpine Meadows, wide-open valleys, rhododendron and pine forest, treacherous passes, glacial terrains and along the banks of the Bhuri Gandhaki River. The route to the Manaslu ranges is also a part of the great Himalaya Trail, which covers the entire Himalayan route that is situated under the Himalayan foothills of Nepal.

Things To Take

Nepal Hiking Gear
Personal Items
Other Stuff
Good boots worn in
Merino socks
Lots of memory cards for above
Lots of layers (merino pref)
Energy snacks
Plastic bags for storage
Rain jacket(s)
Small notebook and pen
Insect repellant
Trekking poles
Warm beanie

The Trail

This trail is actually a combination of several treks and trails forming one of the highest routes in the world to be walked. What makes the Manaslu Circuit trek even more interesting, is some of the sites you'll see along the Annapurna trail on your way up the mountains. The surrounding areas make up part of the Annapurna sanctuary that was open to trekkers only a few years ago.

View Down The Khumbu Valley


Gorak Shep


Tea Houses

Camping is not an option on this trip, it is a teahouse trek which means you'll be staying in local tea houses helping to sustain the economy and livelihoods of the local people. Enjoying the wildlife and tasting the local cuisine at dinner time will give you some interesting stories to share with friends and family when you arrive back home.

Where To Start On Your Adventure

If you want to find out where to start for this one-of-a-kind journey, then start by seeking an experienced tour company that know how to take care of every detail so you can enjoy and be fully present in every moment of your trip while your guides take care of all the background details.

There are many other popular adventure treks in the Himalayas all of which are accompanied by trained trek leaders and guides to help you with your activities. While some treks like the Manaslu circuit, require a higher level of physical challenge, others are quite moderate and enable you to enjoy some of the amazing sights sounds and spiritual essence of the Himalayas without having to exert yourself too much.

A really good example of this is the Annapurna circuit trail, it's packed with all the wildlife, scenery, and culture that you can experience on the other trails, but offers more comfortable and less difficult physical journey for hikers.

Yak Train On Base Camp Trail


Everest Base Camp Trek Active Adventures

Preparation For Your Himalayas Trek

Depending on your fitness level and desire for adventure, you can choose a trek, a time and destination that suits your time and fiscal budget.

Remember it's important that you abide by the do's and don'ts along the way, and know exactly what you need to take to make your adventure comfortable and interesting.

If you're a photographer make sure you take plenty of storage for photos because you'll be overload with opportunities for taking photos around every bend.

Active Himalayas Treks


Choose The Right Guides

It's vitally important to find a good company to travel with. Along with awe-inspiring beauty, the mountains do present unpredictable weather and challenging surprises, from time to time. So picking the right company to ensures the only surprises will be good ones that stay with you as fond memories for years to come.

Active Everest Base Camp Itinerary

Start your 19-day adventure in Kathmandu with our legendary Kiwi guides, before flying to Lukla to begin hiking. Learn about Sherpa life and be rewarded with mesmerising views of the Himalayas as you hike across deep river gorges, rhododendron forests and wide open valleys. Experience the sense of achievement and gain a new perspective on this trip of a lifetime!

Itinerary includes:
Meeting the Nepali people, Mt Everest
Kathmandu and the Swayambhunath Temple
Namche Bazaar
Gorak Shep.
Everest Base Camp.
Seeing the Ama Dablam mountain range
Kala Patthar.
Lukla and the Lukla Airport

Active have been running famous adventure trips to the Himalayas, South America and New Zealand, giving adventure lovers an unforgettable experience since 1996

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