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Hotel- Villas- Chateaus- Challets- Bed and Breakfast

Updated on January 16, 2015

The Coast of Maine Tourist Attractions

The Coast of Maine has dozens of popular tourist attractions. Famous for over 3,400 miles of coastline, a visit to these shores is a thrilling experience. Known for its biking trails a person can find interesting ways to visit the shores of Maine.

This New England Coast area is spectacular. Visit Acadia Park and Bar Harbor, the Lovely Desert Island was set aside, preserving its beauty long ago and the island is still one of the most active in the country. Campgrounds offer a great way to stretch the budget, allowing for a longer stay in many of the coastal towns.

It is recommended visitors use of I-95 as the fastest way to travel the main coast. This route avoids the heavy use of traffic lights. The area is filled with quaint hotels and appetizing restaurants. Want for lodging does not exist along the coast. Accommodations are plentiful.

Tours and Attractions:

The coast of Southern Maine is famous for beaches. The biggest part of sand and surf are located along the 30 miles of this part of Maine. Kennebunk, Kittery and Biddeford are a few of the towns along this trip. Maine is filled with lighthouses. Most see pictures of them on calendars but nothing beats a look close up.

Nubble Lighthouse in York is quite lovely. Not only does York have the neatest lighthouse, it also has the oldest jail in the United States. The amount of history in one community will not let visitors rush through a visit. A Visit along the Coast of Maine is something to be savored.

Among the coast of Maine and popular tourist attractions, a visitor will find specialty shops filled with antiques, historical souvenirs and lovely handmade clothing and jewelry to remember a great trip.

Long Island Bed and Breakfast

The best Long Island Beach rentals are great vacation finds. Treat yourself to a spectacular relaxation setting. Visit light houses, sea shores, bridges and city lights when staying at Long Island beach rentals. Great Bed and Breakfast are located in the area. Entertain yourself by going on wine tours and waking to beautiful sunrises.

Create feelings of wonder in the best long beach rentals, homes filled with history and elegance. They are comfortable filled with period furniture. Sit on the porch and enjoy a variety of wine and cheeses for the tasting. Enjoy wine tours, wine tasting, yard sales and Candlelight Holiday Tour.

There are lots of reasons to make a holiday of visiting the Long Island Shore. The biggest yard sale of the year is one such event. Collectables and household gadgets may be a treasure to find. Long island residents and visitors love this event and place it on the to do list annually.

The holidays present a beautiful time of the year on Long Island opening up the community for the Candlelight Holiday Tour. Historical sites are decorated in holiday best with musicians to enhance the mood of the season. Searching for a vacation spot is a thing of the past when Long island Bed and Breakfast waits with comfort and hospitality.

Visit Long Island and make your home base a Bed and Breakfast. The homes are quietly placed in the midst of Long Island Sound. The location is one of the best in the area for a beginning to any of the areas activities. Go biking, fishing, kayak or canoe while spending a great holiday.

Hotel or Villa

Traveling around the world it is possible to stay in many hotels and the Villa Holidays or hotel is an interesting comparison. Some hotels are quite comfortable but occasionally the expenditure of a certain amount can determines how comfortable the hotel room is. With a moderately priced hotel, room service is not expected, although, many have takeout or restaurants located close by. A diet of restaurant food is very expensive for families and cooking facilities and microwave access is limited or non-existent when staying in hotels.

Exclusive hotel properties sometimes have an adult only policy making it difficult for families to take younger when traveling to exclusive places. With the high cost of hotel space, renting a hotel with enough room for a family is costly or traveling with a group is difficult to afford. Villa holidays verses hotels saves money on living expenses and food. If you are a family and friend group traveling on holiday, staying in a Villa, you have access to a washer-dryer, cooking facilities, hot tub, a fireplace, barbecue grill, big screen movie area and a beautiful view.

Many companies that rent Villas have a pool located for the use of people renting their properties. The kitchens are large and well equipped, with dishes, pots and pans and occasionally dish liquid and interesting brands of coffee. Travel is cheaper when you cook. A family trip where there are several adult members or friends make paying for a Luxury Villa easy to accomplish. Stay in a gorgeous area and cut the expense with this joint effort. This gives everyone the chance to stay in a gorgeous place with minimal expense and have a wonderful time.

There are driveways at Villas for parking your car; if you like you can throw a wonderful party in these lovely living quarters, they are certainly spacious enough. Cook or have your food catered on a Villa holiday. Many are located within reach of areas of entertainment. Choose the size you require for your travel needs each Villa bedroom has its own bathroom and balcony, giving each individual guest a nice amount of privacy.

Accessing the out of doors is not always an option at a hotel, some have balconies but the ability to get outside that encompasses a Villa is so much better, an exclusive property charges dearly for this amenity. Plus, the privacy is at a higher level. Take a late night dip in a hot tub, sit and look at the stars. For a business trip a hotel may be fine, getting your business taken care of and getting home is usually the intent but for a holiday, you need more, much more, a Villa.


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