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Hotels in Jabalpur in India

Updated on August 28, 2017
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As a content writer Uday loves to write about destinations in India. He loves to travel to wildlife destination and tourist places in India.

Hotel Photo

Hotel Photo
Hotel Photo | Source


Hotel in Jabalpur
Hotel in Jabalpur | Source

City of Jabalpur

Situated right in the centre of India, Jabalpur town has always been a unique destination. Also known as Sanskardhani (cultural centre) many people with greatness have been associated with this town.

Jabalpur ranks as the 26th largest town in India but is actually bigger whence total agglomeration is taken into consideration. The city is a hub of Government enterprises like Indian Railway, MPEB, Defence, telecom training and so on. There are many private and public enterprises in various sectors of economy.

The town is a trading hub as well, and acts as feeder to many satellite towns nearby. There are large number of hospitals, colleges, technical training institutes, schools, and franchise training centres in and around the city. These institutions attract students from various places for education. Jabalpur town is also frequented by business travellers and families on visits to see their relatives.

Jabalpur sits at the fulcrum of routes to major tiger reserves, Pachmarhi Hill Resort and Amarkantak. During holiday season many tourists arrive here on way to tourism destinations nearby. Accommodations are full during this period and there are many hotels that cater to that demand. The city has many guest houses situated near the market area. There some serviced apartments for cheap accommodations on monthly basis. But most of the families and businessmen prefer to stay in deluxe hotels with good reputation, food and services. In order to accommodate ever increasing arrivals new properties are being established every year.

Most of the properties are located near the railway station and bus stands at Russel Chowk & Nagrath Chowk. The luxury hotels are situated in many parts of the city since upscale guests have no problem reaching them with transportation. Moreover malls and clubs in the town have their own rooms to offer as accommodation.

Vijan Mahal - Five Star

Jabalpur Hotel
Jabalpur Hotel | Source

Hotel Video Jabalpur

Three Star Property

Jabalpur Three Star Hotel
Jabalpur Three Star Hotel | Source

Photo of Government Hotel

Kulchuri Residency Photos Jabalpur
Kulchuri Residency Photos Jabalpur | Source
MPTDC Hotel Wedding EVent Jabalpur
MPTDC Hotel Wedding EVent Jabalpur | Source

List of Hotels in Jabalpur

Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh offers all modern amenities like any other large town. Most of the visitors are on business travel or on a holiday. There are no five star hotels in Jabalpur but plans are afoot by some major hospitality companies to establish one.The luxury hotels available in the city are:

  • Krishna Hotel
  • Vijan Mahal Hotel (Five Star)
  • Samdareeya
  • Jabali Palace
  • The Penthouse Hotel
  • Narmada Jacksons
  • Prestige Princess
  • Gulzar Towers
  • Samdareeya Inn
  • Siddarth Residency
  • Kartik
  • Arihant
  • Satya Ashoka
  • Rishi Regency
  • Kalchuri Residency (MP Tourism)
  • Ankit Residency

Among the budget resorts many of them are situated near the city bus stand and in the middle of the city.

  • Vijan Palace
  • The President
  • Kanak
  • Swastik
  • Rupali
  • River View (Marble Rocks)
  • Shikar Palace
  • Rupali Inn
  • Blue Moon
  • Utsav Palace

There are many smaller accommodations that cater to tourists on budget tour. Most of these are devoid of luxuries but are nevertheless clean and comfortable. These are less pricey and safe properties. The town has few home stays and private accommodations but these are not well advertised and are less known. There are many Ashrams near the river banks which offer accommodation to their followers.

Resort Photo Jabalpur

Motel Marble Rocks
Motel Marble Rocks | Source

Government Owned Accommodation

There is only one Government owned accommodation in Jabalpur. MP tourism motel situated near the railway station is owned and managed by MPTDC which stands for Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

The property is a part of chain of MPTDC spread all over the State. It contains temperature controlled rooms, fine dining restaurant and an air conditioned bar. For parties there is an open lawn. This hotel has good parking facility and green ambience.

There are two resorts owned by MPTDC, one is at Marble Rocks about thirteen kilometres from the town and another is Maikal Resort at Bargi Dam is at a distance of 20 km, the latter has boating and cruise facility.

There are many rest houses owned by the PWD and Forest Department. These are meant only for government employees general public has no access to them.

Choosing Hotels in Jabalpur What & How?

The hotels are noted for their comfort, safety and some for their impeccable service and fine dining. When selecting an accommodation you should not rely on vendors, taxi drivers and rickshaw wallahs who accost you at the railway station.

You should have done your home work online. Extensive research would have landed you at the gates of the best, this would be according to your budget and preference. Though most of the proprieties are basic some of the finest are those with name and fame. Some hotels like Krishna, Jabali Palace, Gulzar, Narmada Jackson and Rishi Regency top the list. Others which are also recommended are Samdariya, Samdariya Inn, Satya Ashoka and Prestige.

Among the budget properties Vijan Palace, The President and Shriradha are most preferred.

Three Star Hotel

Three Star Hotel in Jabalpur City
Three Star Hotel in Jabalpur City | Source

Vijan Mahal

Wedding Hall & Spa
Wedding Hall & Spa | Source
Honeymoon Suite
Honeymoon Suite | Source

Best Venue for Weddings

There are many hotels in Jabalpur that organise marriage parties and celebrations. Some of the most popular once are:

  • Krishna
  • Vijan Mahal (5 Star)
  • Samdariya
  • Hotel Gulzar
  • Satya Ashoka
  • Arihant Palace
  • Narmada Jackson
  • Kulchuri Residency

These hotels offer affordable packages for complete wedding organisation including the ceremony. They provide all wedding paraphernalia and arrange all ceremonial accessories. They are well connected with service providers like photographers, decorators and lightening experts. These are adapt at event management and organise celebrations like birthday, conferences and product launches on regular basis.

Keserwani Budget Hotel

A budget hotel in Jabalpur
A budget hotel in Jabalpur | Source


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Jabalpur city is famous for a large number of tourism destinations especially the Marble Rocks or Bhedaghat (Hindi). Other places of interest are Dhuandhar Falls and Chuasath Jogini which are near the Marble Rocks boating spot. Bargi Dam Resort is a good place for a holiday as it offers cruise ride on Narmada and a fine dining restaurant. Similarly Dumna Nature Reserve is a cool picnic spot with a cafeteria run by MP Tourism.

Within the city is situated Madan Mahal, a fortress built by the Gond Rulers in 10th century. This is a much visited place as it accords a view of scenic Jabalpur. Pariyat Lake is another good place to organise a picnic in its sylvan surroundings.

Narmada River at Gwarighat is a must visit for religious minded and those on spiritual quest. This is where Hindu rites and rituals are performed. Other place of interest are:

  • Tagore Garden Sadar
  • Osho Ashram
  • Saheed Smarak
  • Gandhi Smarak
  • Bhavartal Garden
  • Shiva Statue
  • Rani Durgwati Statue at Barha

Being a scenic town there are many places for sightseeing and picnic. Near by places like Nuaradehi Wildlife Sanctuary is good for wildlife safari and RDWLS is good for birding. These places are very popular with tourists. The accommodation is available here in Forest Rest Houses in Nauradehi since there are no hotels in vicinity. At RDWLS Sigrampur a resort is available for lodging.

First Hotel in Jabalpur

The British Rulers made Jabalpur a cantonment and established many Government buildings and bungalows. The first hotel was built here in the 19th century and was called the Royal Hotel.

How to Reach?

Situated in the centre of India the Jabalpur City is very well connected. Dumna airport is connected with New Delhi and Mumbai. Small plane service operates between major cities of Madhya Pradesh.

Best connectivity is offered by Indian Railway trains which connect in all directions. All metros, many small towns and tourism destination are connect with Jabalpur in MP.

The road network is well developed and state transport busses along with privately owned luxury busses ply to many places all around Jabalpur town. Booking centres, tour operator services and travel agents are available everywhere. Online presence on web is also very good as service providers are well aware of this marketing channel.

Jabalpur City Map

A markerJabalpur MP India -
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
get directions

Find map of Jabalpur City situated in Madhya Pradesh in India.

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