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How To Save On A Walt Disney World Vacation

Updated on November 17, 2011

Get Your Vacation On

There’s nothing like seeing your children's eyes light up when they see the castle at Walt Disney World for the first time. Your own enthusiasm for Disney World may be tempered by the fact that your special vacation is making a big dent in your savings account. A trip to Disney World doesn’t have to be expensive. If you know how to find deals and discounts on hotels, tickets and flights, you can reduce your costs without sacrificing a minute of vacation fun.

Visit During the Off-Season for Hotel Savings

Visiting Disney World during off-peak times means lower crowds and lower hotel rates. Rates at Disney World resort hotels vary, depending on the season. The lowest rates are available during the value season. You’ll find these rates in effect through most of January, February, August and September. Rates are also lower during late November and early December.

Disney world cinderalla castle
Disney world cinderalla castle

Walt Disney Resorts

Choose a Value Resort for More Savings

The Disney World Resort offers four types of accommodations: value, moderate, deluxe and deluxe villas. Value resorts, including All Star Movies, All Star Sports, All Star Music and Pop Century, feature gigantic Disney icons and basic, but comfortable, hotel rooms. These hotels offer food courts, pool bars, playgrounds, gift shops, laundry facilities and themed pool areas, but do not offer pool slides or hot tubs. Kids will enjoy the arcades and the larger-than-life Disney characters found in the courtyards at the value resorts. If a pool slide is important to your family, a moderate resort may be a better choice. Moderate resorts offer more upscale pool areas at a slightly higher cost. Moderate, deluxe and deluxe villa hotels feature larger rooms, at least one full-service restaurant and hot tubs, in addition to the amenities provided at the value resorts.

Search for Discount Codes

During off-peak times, Walt Disney World may offer discounted rooms. Discount codes can save you as much as 20 to 40 percent off the rack rate, or full price, of a room, depending on the season. In addition to hotel room discounts, Disney World also offers free dining packages occasionally. To take advantage of a free dining package, you must pay the rack rate for the room and buy a theme park ticket. Discount codes can be found in local newspapers or on the Walt Disney World website.


Disney World space mountain
Disney World space mountain

Walt Disney Hotel Stays

Stay Off-Site for Lower Hotel Costs

You’ll have no difficulty finding a convenient off-site hotel in the Orlando area. When you book a Disney World hotel, you pay a premium for Disney theming and free motor coach transportation to the parks and the airport. Off-site hotels offer larger rooms with more amenities at a fraction of the cost of Walt Disney World hotels.

Comparison Shop for Best Ticket Prices


Walt Disney World tickets eat up a large percentage of your Disney World budget. Discount tickets can be purchased at local AAA offices or through online ticket brokers. If your company is a corporate sponsor of Walt Disney World, employees may be offered a discount on admission to the parks. It’s a good idea to use only established ticket brokers when buying discount tickets. While eBay listings may seem to offer great deals on tickets, there is no way to know if there are actually any unused days remaining on these tickets before you visit Disney World

disney world vacation package
disney world vacation package
disney world discounts
disney world discounts

Walt Disney Savings

Take Advantage of Airline Sales

Most of the major airfare websites will inform you of special deals if you sign up for email notifications. Choose several airports as your preferred airports when signing up for these specials. If you are willing to bypass your local airport and drive an hour or two to another airport, you may be able to save as much as $50 to $150 per ticket.

If you plan to visit Orlando during peak times of the year, including early summer, Christmas or Easter, it is important to book a flight as soon as the airlines release rates. Although it can be possible to find a better rate if you wait to book when visiting at other times of the year, rates during peak times rarely go down after they are first released.

Finding a good deal is part of the fun of planning a Walt Disney World trip. By cutting costs in the major categories, you’ll have plenty of money left over to splurge on a round of miniature golf or a character dinner with Cinderella.

Welcome to Disney World

disney world packages
disney world packages


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