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How We Are Able to Afford Traveling

Updated on June 7, 2017

Traveling allows us to see the world through different eyes. While traveling we are exposed to new culture, traditions, and beliefs. We enjoy the delicious food, amazing sight seeing, and engaging experiences, but at times we might choose not to take a trip or visit our next destination due to insufficient funds. There are different approaches and resources to use that allow for affordable and possible travel. My husband, Omar, and I have been beyond thankful for the amazing opportunities we've had to travel.



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San Francisco Travels with My Husband
San Francisco Travels with My Husband

Our Insights About Traveling

My husband, Omar, and I enjoy traveling but we understand that you must have the financial resources to acquire new experiences. We have found great ways to help fund our love for traveling with the assistance of various programs and through the use of different resources. We have been able to score free flights and affordable travel accommodations.

San Miguel Travels with Liliana and Mariela
San Miguel Travels with Liliana and Mariela

Tips and Useful Sources

Booking Flights

1. Southwest Airlines low fare calendar is a must if you are able to allow for flexibility on traveling dates, you will find great deals! My friends and I found $32 flights one way from Dallas to New York City in October 2016, for a total of $272 for all three of us, round-trip! I recently booked a flight to San Francisco for $144 round-trip. An additional and money saving benefit is that bags fly free without an extra hidden fee.

2.Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card has allowed us to book many flights through their reward system. We pay all our bills and make big purchases with our Southwest Credit card paying it back monthly. We only make purchases with our credit card knowing we will be able to pay it back monthly. Using this approach we are able to accumulate points quickly and purchase flights with those points. We have been to San Francisco, Orlando, and New York City without having to spend money on our flights.

3. American Airlines offers a great payments plan, Fly Now Payment Plan, 0% interest if paid in full within 6 months on purchases greater than $150. I absolutely enjoy that you may book your flights 6 months in advance, and before you take your trip your flights are paid for due to the flexibility of being able to make monthly payments. Through this approach you don't pay the monthly interest fee of a credit card.

Booking Hotels and Activities

1. Groupon allows you to book your hotel room, resort, and even cottages with outstanding deals. It is one of my favorite sources to use when booking trips because you are able to locate nearby activities to do, from dinner to any choice of entertainment. My husband and I have found some pretty great deals for nice dinners, weekend getaways, transportation services, and excursions.

2. offers a great reward system along with discounted pricing. Through you are able to book 10 nights and receive the 11th on them. This will often accumulate quickly.

3. Groupon Getaways offers great travel deals including air travel, lodging, activities, and transportation. My ultimate favorite trip with Groupon Getaways has been our 16 day trip across Spain for $2500 per person. Who can say they booked a 16 day trip with lodging, transportation, and air travels for that price? You will often find great deals to places like Cancun or Jamaica with all-inclusive deals.

How Do You Book Your Travels?

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