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Top 5 ways to migrate to a country of your choice

Updated on August 4, 2014

This article describes 5 well established routes that can be used to seek immigration in another country. You do want to understand this part to be clear and precise on what you should focus your energy on.

So you saw on TV or talked to your friends or someone in your circle immigrated to another country and when one came back to visit you, you found him more wealthy, more sophisticated, more tantrum thrower. And you started dreaming, I need to change my life. And you think the only answer to changing this life is move to another country…. Right ?

Well, you are partially right. In the country you live today, you see a lot of challenges fierce competition, day-today anguish on small-small thing and much more. It is an obvious state of mind in heavily populated countries like India, China, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan that people are seeking relief from overly complex life. And influence of their circles who have settled “abroad” is so profoundly visible that we feel the need to migrate.

My friend this is a great feeling you have. You want to change your life. You want to make an impact on this world and for your loved ones. Remember for rest of this article and the journey you want to take that this feeling of is yours is the motivation . This feeling is what would make it happen for you. Now let me give you some advice that would make it happen:

How Can I get VISA?

Getting a visa to another country is not as hard as you feel but is tedious enough to demotivate you along the journey. To get the VISA, you need to understand what are routes available to get out. Let us understand:


Education is number one route I recommend, if you want to visit a country of your choice but it requires desire to study, a field of interest that you want to specialize in and a strong competitiveness. A large number of developed countries have an open door policy for students from different countries to build diversity and build talent. Especially technical talent is in great demand. So if you have a talent in engineering or a medical science disciplines, it is the number one route you can pursue. Need to do some web research to find out, what are best universities available in the country of your choice, what competitive exams you need to clear, what are the minimum scores expected, how much money you need, are there scholarships available etc. if you do you thorough homework on this route, you are guaranteed to get out and visit your dream country


Dude, I cannot study more but I want to get out…!!! Are you feeling that.. you are. So yes, employment is your second best friend. To pursue this route, you need to research what talent and skills are in high demand in the country of your choice? Do you have the talent or skills that can sell like hot cakes? Note “Talent” is a skill that you have mastered over several years and is your number one driver of your actions when you are in any form of anxiety. This is you point of view, decision making capability, learning methods etc that only you know the best way than anyone else. Skills on other hand are something that you can acquire through an education or through work experience. These are honed knowledge of a trade that you perform with ease and speed. Find out what you have to offer in both talent and skills. Now find an employer in your current resident country who has offices in the country of desire and have established practice of cross-fusion of knowledge to run business at highest efficiency. Button up your resume, get help from a professional recruiter to position you in the company and get you employed. If you are talented, you would be in less than 3 years working at a “foreign location”. Remember this route requires patience, planning and persistence to work on your goal. Also This route does have lower probabilities due to increased immigration in past 5 years in all developed countries. However there is strong hope that should drive you. The chance is if it is large multi-national organization, it would still provide you with invaluable learning and experience opportunities that would change your life.


If you are a businessman and have tones of money, this route is built for you. Every country has a some sort of a provision that if you invest a particular amount or more to build jobs in that country, you are allowed to immigrate immediately. The world economic crisis have made this route more easier for wealthier. However if you are wealthy, it is a least chance that you would like to migrate. A number of developed countries have a system of self-reliance. Unless you are insanely rich, you are sure to become poor if your investment is equal to all you have…..


Well, there is another route that some developed countries have. A few countries allow direct immigration through point based assessment to fill the deficit of skills and talent that country may have. A universal example is “nurses” and “teachers”. Most countries of the world till date are in lack of adequate skill-set in nursing profession.

In point based systems, you are assessed based on points. These points are calculated based on your talent, on your education, professional skills, language spoken, marital status etc. If you score above certain threshold, the countries allow you to apply through the consulate offices in your country and wait in the queue until you are authorized to immigrate.


Another popular route is paying a lump-sum amount of money to authorized consultants who are aware of all such routes. These professionals earn their living by making others life better. But beware, there is a large choice and high probability of being mis-lead especially in developing countries. These consultants have some sort of agreements or setups that enable them to immediately immigrate someone from one country to other, keep them on their own employment rolls and sell such employees in terms of time and labor to large corporations. This route is becoming more unpopular since last few years. Countries are tightening the VISA and residency procedures to discourage such practice. The employment income available through consultant routes are bare minimum to just survive. A number of benefits that are available to regular employees are not available to consultant supported employees.


Well, lastly there are a few more routes that allow you to at least travel abroad and visit the country and have fun. Tourism is one of the largest known one but is all about visit and not immigrate. Special workers such as religious gurus, famous personalities, disadvantaged sections seeking refuge etc are some other routes spoken of however the success rate of immigration is unknown in such routes.

Final Words...

Well, over these years, I have learnt only so much from my network. I thought it would provide a quick reference guidance on how you can structure your thoughts and get married to one of the routes that suits for you or move on with your life if none is applicable for you.

Note this article is just to provide high level summary of known routes to get visa and not claim that these are the only routes. If you are aware of some definite methods you used to immigrate to a country, please share here for others.

The key tip is to research, research, research… Internet has shrunk the distances among nations and is the largest active library of universe that provide great guidance.

Best of Luck

- Hubchief


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