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How to Get Free Airline Perks

Updated on April 1, 2011

Airline perks we all love them when they give them to us. But, how many times have we traveled and got frustrated and just blamed the airline that gave us some bad service and wrote it off as something to be expected. Or are you part of a airline frequent flyer program and the miles never seem to add up to something or the perks never seem to materialize. What kind of perks am I referring to how about skipping the long security lines? Free upgrades to firs class seating? How about free rooms in 5 star hotels? Free rental cars the list goes on and on. We all want special treatment from airlines let me give you a few ideas on how you can get them too.


1.      Consolidate your business


One of the biggest mistakes that is common among airline travelers is splitting up there business between many different airlines. Some are trying to find the best deal while others are tracking extra miles points from their credit card with certain carriers. Although this is good for the wallet up front you miss a lot of rewards and opportunity’s by sticking with only one or two airlines for your miles. See they reward people for the loyalty by always choosing the same carriers and are more willing to provide you those extra perks for your loyalty. So sticking with one program or not just to save a few dollars will hurt but in the long run make a lot more cents.


2.      Special Codes


A lot of people go to special websites to try and bundle there packages with the airline hotel and car rental. But they miss out on some unique opportunities by not going right tot the carrier’s site. For example if you search for a ticket for your destination most airline websites assign a small code to them that might look like
“Q12345UP” generally this means that your coach class ticket is eligible for a free first class upgrade as long it is not full. So if you see a ticket on their website that has a Q-UP or a Y-UP code then call up the airline and ask or for the free upgrade while purchasing the ticket. Most of the time they will oblige you and bingo first class here you come


3.      Be Flexible


Flexibility is the key to your travel plans. You can open up a hug can of perks by just being flexible. Now I know it is not always easy to be flexible but try it will pay off. During busy travel times it is the best airlines over book flights they already know a certain percentage of passages will cancel or miss but they still want to leave with a full plan. If more people show up and can take a later flight in a couple of hours you are more likely to get that first class seat.


4.      Just ask


The simplest thing that you can do is by far ask, ask, ask what’s the worse they can say no right. But you would feel silly if you didn’t ask and someone else got the free miles or free upgrade. Just be overly nice and show your loyalty to the airline and they are usually more than willing to accommodate you so just ASK!!


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