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How to Make Payment for ePassport Application for Family Members

Updated on May 29, 2014

ePassport Payment for Family Members

The process of making e-Passport Application payment for any family Member (other than the Applicant) is easy once you understand the fundamentals of the process.

The process of Making Online Payment for the Nigerian e-Passport on the Nigeria Immigration Service Payment Portal or the SWGLOBAL LLC website is as outlined below.

It is because anyone that does not have same name on the paying card and the e-Passport Application needs to first register the Payment card on the SWGLOBA LLC Website for authorisation.

Once you follow the process as outlined below, you will be able to have a hitch free registration process.

e-Passport Payment Registration Requirements

- Bank Statement clearly showing your name, address and the indication of relevance. To the payment card.

- Your Visa Card or MasterCard or any other allowable card.

- Your identity Card or Passport.

- A scanner or high powered camera.

The simple process of scanning your bank card and your Bank Statement is as follows:

  1. Prepare the Visa Card or Master Card for Scanning
  • Place your Visa Card or MasterCard below the area where your address appeared on your Bank statement.
  • Use a removable adhesive to hold the card on the Bank Statement (for example, fold an adhesive tape inside out allowing the adhesive side to form a ring)
  • Make a colour or black and white photocopy of the superimposed card.
  • Use a black pen to block out the middle eight numbers on the Visa Card/Master Card, leaving the first four and last four numbers on the card. 1234 xxxx xxxx 5678.
  • In place of a black pen, you can use a blade to cut out the middle eight card numbers, but make sure it is the photocopied version you are cutting and not your REAL card.
  • An alternative is to use a dark adhesive tape to blackout the middle eight numbers on your card.
  1. Scan the copy of your superimposed card (with the blacked out or cut out Middle eight Card numbers) and save in a location on your computer.
  2. Scan a copy of your Identity Card or passport and also save on your computer.

The above scanned copies must not exceed 400kb each. To avoid the problem, you can use coloured or black and white photocopies of the above to do the scanning.

Proceed to the Nigeria Immigration Service Website or the Payment portal on SWGLOBAL LLC website to continue the process of registering your payment card on the payment portal.

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    • profile image

      Juliet 3 years ago

      Thank you for making my life simple.

      I have been seeking for this information since!

      Thanks and thanks again.