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How to Make Your Spa Experience Even More Enchanting - 5 Tips

Updated on November 25, 2015

The world is rough - let's just face facts. Our jobs are stressful, the holidays demanding and then there is all these DIY pressure. What is a gal to do? Take a spa day! Yes, you deserve to indulge yourself and sit back and feel the pleasure of a pedicure, a manicure, a massage or other relaxing services. A spa day can be made even more enchanting by following these simple five tips.

Taking time for yourself, allowing yourself to be pampered is actually a necessary in our stress filled lives. Financial demands, pressures at work combined with the physical demands of house work and children can take a toll upon not just the body but also the soul.

In the days of one earner households, the indulgence of a spa day was indulgent. In todays' world of two income earners, working women oftentimes spending in excess of 50 hours a week at work (and sadly often underpaid) and then coming home to clean and cook and take care of the children is too much emotionally and physically.

Take time to treat yourself to a spa treatment - a pedicure, a manicure, or perhaps a full body massage. Whatever your delight - don't look at as an indulgence - it is a reward for working hard and juggling the many demands of family and work and all the obstacles thrown in your way.

My personal delight is anything water - the hot tub, the steam room, the sauna are all my favorites. Here are a five tips that will take your spa experience to a new level. How do I know this? I worked for several years as personal trainer at several 4 and 5 star resorts. As a personal trainer, oftentimes I was hired directly by the Spa Director. I saw first hand the inner workings and took careful notes. Join me for an insightful view of this world which was once reserved only for the most elite.

While some people may label these tips are simply spa etiquette, to me, these tips draw the curtains open on an opportunity that for many of us is very rare. Being prepared, knowing what to expect, packing the right pieces, all serve to make you more comfortable with this unique and wonderful adventure.

Being prepared, understanding the protocol, will help you to have the best time ever.

Savour the Spa Experience by Being Spa Savvy

spa savvy - be smart be prepared
spa savvy - be smart be prepared | Source

Spas Are Fun

A great spa experience includes proper etiquette
A great spa experience includes proper etiquette | Source

Spa Special Events

The spa can be an individual experience or better yet, share it with a friend or two or a bunch. Many spas can accommodate guests up to 8-10. A great idea for a pre-wedding or a wedding shower or an annual girl's day or weekend get-a-way. Consider:

  • Couples spa treatments - facials, massages together.
  • Spa Party for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more!

More on Scheduling at th Spa

Book Early

Services are scheduled well in advance. Last minute bookings may leave you disappointed. Plan ahead and book all treatments prior to your hotel arrival. If your treatments are at hotel or resorts, confirm at the time of check in.

Late Arrivals - Pay Full Price and Sacrifice Service Time

Late arrivals will simply forfeit treatment time. Less time, same amount of cost and substantially less effectiveness and your pleasure. Remember your treatment will end on time so the next guest will not be delayed.

Personal Health

Health Matters

The spa is a place for relaxation and enjoyment. To better serve you, at the time of booking, inform the spa staff of any health related issues you may have or had in the past. Conditions we need to know about include but are not limited to:

  • high blood pressure,
  • heart conditions,
  • foot problems,
  • allergies and
  • pregnancy.
  • If you are unsure whether something might be important, please discuss this with Spa staff.

Spa Slippers

pink elegant vintage slippers with a matching flowing pink dress
pink elegant vintage slippers with a matching flowing pink dress | Source

5 Simple Steps to A Great Spa Experience

Taking things step by step, allows us to schedule and plan and not be stressed. One of the worst things in life we do to our body according to Dr. Oz is be late. Below I have categorized 5 simple steps to keep your life organized and ready you fully and on time for your next great spa experience.

1. Preparation on the Telephone

  • Do learn prices of your services up front
  • Do learn the cancellation fees and time frames - often requiring at least 24 hours notice, sometimes refunding only refunding a portion of the service fees scheduled
  • Do learn what is included - robe, slippers, locker
  • Do ask about free access to fitness, steam room, sauna
  • Do plan ahead and include extra time in your schedule for your favorite spa treatment
  • Do state your health concerns at the time of booking your spa treatments

2. Preparation - Packing

  • Do pack your favorite swimsuit or lingerie (remember this is all about you - disrobe to your own personal comfort level)
  • Do pack your favorite sandals if you don't care for spa sandals
  • Do pack your favorite breadth mints, gum, etc...
  • Do leave valuables at home

3. Upon Arrival

#1 Arrive 15-30 Minutes Early

If you love the steam room, sauna - start even earlier and plan on beginning your spa experience directly with one of your personal self service favorites.

#2 Remember Courtesy to Others - Quiet

  • Do turn your cell phone off or set to vibrate
  • Do keep you voice low in courtesy to other guests
  • Do keep conversations at a minimum
#3 Clear Your Mind - Take Deep Breaths - Relax Your Muscles
Relax and feel the environment and prepare yourself mentally - you deserve it!

4. Communicate - Both With Your Therapist and Your Body

Remember, your therapist or stylist's goal is to please but they are not mind readers - tactfully state your preferences. Also, for me it is helpful to mentally acqknowledge it is time for me to relax my muscles. Communicate your needs to your therapist and communicate mentally to your body to release tension and relax your muscles.

5. Tip Appropriately

Remember this is a service industry and 10-20% of their pay is your gratuity. It is customary for holidays to add an additional 10%.

Tipping - Financial and Emotional Well Being

Tipping Etiquette at the Spa

Finally, showing appreciation or gratitude to your therapist or stylist in the form of a tip is very important, both financially and emotionally. Gratuities are are typically done at the very end of your spa visit, while checking out at the front desk.

Customarily, an appropriate tip is between fifteen and twenty per cent of each service's regular price.  Gratuities are not included in the price of treatments. Larger gratuities for exceptional service is always welcomed and appreciated.  Gratuities should be in cash.  Often small envelopes are available at the reception desk.


Spa Savvy

Spa Savvy - What to Bring
Spa Savvy - What to Bring | Source

Spa Modesty

Common Concern - Spa Modesty

This video provides a great overview of spa modesty. This is not necessary for those who have been but for first time spa attendees, this video is very well done and concise.

As the video details, often, spa slippers and spa robes are provided. The key is communication with your therapist. Take deep breaths, calm your mind and enjoy the service.

Famous Spa Owner - Olivia Newton-John

I was delighted to find that Olivia Newton-John founded a spa in Australia! A delightful person and a business that compliments your personal brand very well. Olivia Newton-John is my husband's all time favorite celebrity. Someday a perfect gift for him would be a trip back to Australia complete with a couple's spa treatment.

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