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How to Stay Safe on Cruise Ships?

Updated on June 27, 2018
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Most people opt cruise ships as the best choice to spend their vacation, since the quality of service appeals most passengers to join a cruise. Overall, the vacation in cruise ship is as safe as vacation in land base. But it isn't always the case, danger can happen as well.

Below are the 8 Ways on How to Stay Safe on Cruise Ships

  1. Familiarization of the ship
  2. Control alcohol consumption
  3. Stay safe on open decks
  4. Keep cabin lock at all time
  5. Know who's the housekeeping attendant
  6. Bring enough amount of cash
  7. Store valuables inside a safe box
  8. Make friends with other passengers

Azamara Club Cruises in Akaroa, New Zealand
Azamara Club Cruises in Akaroa, New Zealand | Source

1. Familiarization of the ship

A muster drill will occur after all passengers get onboard, but before the ship sails away. A Bridge Officer will make the announcement of the drill schedule over the PA system. Passengers need to report in their muster stations right after the said announcement. This drill will allow passengers to learn the ship’s safety standards onboard. Each muster station is headed by a crew member.

Passengers are highly encouraged to take a tour all over the ship during their free time. This will help themselves to familiarize the ship’s floor plan. So in case of emergency, they already know where to go.

2. Control  alcohol consumption

Cruise ship bars offer good choices of liquors to passengers. Despite that passengers need to drink responsibly while onboard.

Alcohol intoxication is the main reason for most reported cases of man overboard or harassment in a cruise ship. Man overboard may happen when a drunk passenger stays unsafe in the railing of an open deck. On the other hand, harassment may result when a sober passenger hooks up with a stranger. As a rule of staying safe on a cruise ship, always drink with a limit.

3. Stay safe on open decks

Crew members don't allow passengers to stay in open decks during rough sea. As the rough motion of a cruise ship may put a passenger's life in danger. To be safe on a cruise ship, passengers must follow all instructions given to them. One example of an accident on open deck was the sighting of a teen passenger sitting in the railing of a cruise ship. The teen was then declared missing.

Cruising in Alanya, Turkey
Cruising in Alanya, Turkey | Source

4. Keep cabin lock at all time

A passenger must always lock the cabin door when leaving and even when staying inside the cabin. Do not just rely on installed CCTV cameras in the corners of hallways. Stay safe on a cruise ship by keeping everything safe all the time.

5. Know who's the housekeeping attendant

Attendants have their own copy of a master key. This key allows them to get free access to all cabins onboard. As a result, passengers must know who their duty attendants are. This will give them assurance that their things inside the cabin are all in safe hands.

6. Bring enough amount of cash

Cash is so important to a person traveling abroad. However, passengers must bring just enough cash to sustain their needs. Having enough cash helps passengers to save money while on a vacation. As they need to stick to their budget while onboard.

In case of running out of cash, ATM machines are available inside and outside the ship. Passengers can use debit cards when buying items.

Seaside View in Amalfi, Italy
Seaside View in Amalfi, Italy | Source

7. Store valuables inside a safe box

Only bring few valuables when traveling in a cruise ship. These valuables maybe in the form of expensive possessions and cash. Since other people have access to all cabins, passengers must take extra care of their possessions. They need to always keep all valuables in a safe box provided inside the cabin if not in use.

8. Make friends with other passengers

Gaining friends onboard has its own benefit for a solo traveler. New friends may serve as a lookout for one's safety. Though a solo traveler must also be vigilant when making friends. As some strangers might take advantage of the situation.

Did you know that most cruise ships miss deck 13? Due to passenger superstitions.

Final Thought...

Discussed above are 8 easy yet effective ways on how to stay safe on a cruise ship. Passengers need to follow all of these tips to avoid any problems in the future. Nothing more fun than to have a stress free travel with the right choice of cruise ship.

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