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How to know more about the well known tourist destination Mussoorie?

Updated on October 3, 2013

About the hill station Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a hill station located in the state of Uttaranchal at about 34 kilometers from Dehradun, the capital city. Mussoorie is a wonderful hill station located at about 2000 meters above sea level and is placed at the foot of the mighty Himalayas. The history of the hill station Mussoorie dates back to 1825, when Captain Young, a military officer of the British army and Mr. Shore the superintendent of Revenues in Dehradun, found the place and constructed a shooting lodge.

From then onwards the lush green hills , various types of flora and fauna have been attracting hundreds of tourists both from the domestic and international areas.

How to Reach Mussoorie?

Jolly Grant airport is the nearest domestic airport to go to Mussoorie. This airport is well connected to Delhi, Mumbai and other international airports and you can get connection flights to Dehradun easily from them.

Dehradun is the nearest railway station and is well connected to almost all the cities in India through the vast railway network in India. FRom Delhi there are two trains connected that run daily between the cities. Mussoorie is just about 36 kilometers away from the Dehradun railway station.

From the airport and the railway station you can get road transport to Mussoorie easily. Taxis and buses both private and public are available for you to reach Mussoorie.

If you are travelling by road, Mussoorie is well connected to other cities and towns in and around the area with motorable roads. You can get luxury and normal buses to Mussoorie from the ISBT Kashmiri Gate, Delhi. You can also find other major cities around Mussoorie like Dehradun,Rishikesh, Haridwar etc are well connected to Mussoorie by Bus Transport of the Uttaranchal state.

Places to visit in Mussoorie

Cloud End, located at about 8 kilometers from the Library, is one of the fist four buildings built in Mussoorie. This building which houses a hotel in Mussoorie was built by a major in 1838. Since the area has beautiful and verdant surroundings it provides serene and peaceful environment for the tourists and local visitors.

Cloud End, a place ideal for honeymooners, has been converted into a resort in the recent days. It provides a beautiful and grand view of the snow capped Great Himalayas as well as the sacred river Yamuna flowing through.

Nag Devta Temple and Jwalaji Temple are two ancient temples found in the area. Nag Devta Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in Cart McKenzie Road. The temple is easily accessible via motor-able roads and has beautiful views of Mussoorie and the Doon Valley.

JwalajiTemple also known as Benog Hill is located at about 9 kilometers from Mussoorie, at about 2100 meters above sea level. The Jwalaji Temple , placed on the Benog Hill is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is surrounded by dense forests. You can have wonderful views of Yamuna Valley from the hill.

Kempty Falls in Mussoorie
Kempty Falls in Mussoorie
Beautiful Mussoorie Lake
Beautiful Mussoorie Lake

Lakes and Waterfalls of Mussoorie

Lake Mist is placed at about 5 kilometers from Kempty Falls and about 10 kilometers while you drive from Mussoorie. Lake mist is a newly developed scenic spot with good facilities for accommodations and dining as well. You can also enjoy and try out boating in this lake.

Mussoorie Lake is another newly developed picnic spot located on the Mussoorie Dehradun road. You can enjoy pedaled boating at the lake. The area also offers enchanting and fascinating views of Doon Valley and the nearby villages.

Bhatta Falls is situated at the Bhatta Village located on the Mussoorie Dehradun road at about 7 kilometers from Mussoorie. From the Bhatta Village it is about 3 kilometers easy trekking to the Bhatta Falls. The Bhatta Falls makes different small ponds and small lakes for bathing as well as water amusements which makes it an ideal spot.

Jharipani Falls is situated at about 8.5 kilometer from Mussoorie. Motorable roads are available till about 1.5 kilometers from the falls which you will have to start trekking to the Jharipani falls. The view of the Jharipani waterfalls is by itself an awe inspiring one.

General Information about Mussoorie

Location of the Mussoorie hill station 30.45* N and 78.08*E at about 2005.5 meters above sea level.

Weather in summer will be pleasant with a maximum of 27*C and a minimum 10*C. As for clothing light woollens will be needed for the night times and tropical dresses like T shirs and shorts for the day.

Weather in winter will be cold with a maximum of 15*C and a minimum of 3*C. Heavy woollens will be needed if you are planning travel in the autumn / winter months .

Rainfall mostly in the time of the southwest monsoon ( July and August )

Local language spoken in Mussoorie is Hindi and Garhwali. English can also be managed there at some places.

Snowfall will be there every year between December and February

Best season to visit Mussoorie will be March to June and September to January In monsoon time the roads might get blocked because of the heavy downpour. Trekking and driving might get difficult at times. The best time will be during summer and after winter, that is September to November and March to June.

Accommodation availability in Mussoorie

1. Jaypee Residency Manor

Jaypee Residency Manor is a 5 star hotel, located in Barlowganj, Mussoorie. The hotel has 90 well furnished and well appointed rooms, including 4 suites and 15 executive rooms, with beautiful views of the Valley.

There is a multi cuisine restaurant in Regency, a bar in Marshal's Lounge and a coffee shop in Captain Young's Cafe.

To contact for more details call 0135 2631800 or visit their website

2. Avalon Holiday Resort, Gunhill

Avalon Holiday Resort, is located at Rockcliffe Estate on the lower slope of Gunhill, where it is surrounded with lush greenery. Cottages and rooms are available and you can choose the one you like according to your budget.

There is a multi cuisine restaurant serving delicious dishes from South Indian, Indian and Chinese cuisines.

To contact for more details call 0135 26329 or visit their website :

3. Cloud End Forest Resort, Mussoorie

Tel : 0135 2632242

Website :

4. WelcomHeritage Kasmanda Palace,

Mall Road, Mussoorie

Tel : 0135 2632424

Website :

5. Club Mahindra Hilltop Resort,

Avalon Hill Top, Gunhill

Tel : 0135 - 2632972

Website :


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