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How to travel for free

Updated on October 14, 2012

If you love to travel then you found the right place! I have put together a hub for people who love to travel and want to travel more! This is your chance to learn how you can travel for free, using my system. In this hub, we will focus on hosting travel groups, to receive free travel in exchange! There are more ways to earn free travel and I will touch on those in another hub. Many people do not know this can be an exciting new opportunity. For example; you are planning twelve vacations one each month and you plan to take several friends or associates with you each time. You might have to use different companies to do this with, but that equals twelve free vacations! You have just spent the whole year traveling to places you have always wanted to go!!! There is work required for this to happen:

  • You have to do lots of research on each location and it is imperative to know where you are going at all times and plan all your events in detail.
  • You might want to invest in a CTC Certified travel consultant certificate, most people when traveling like to know you have some kind of experience. Get a first aid book, study and take a class. You want to be prepared for any situation. You can also get a CTA a Certified Travel Associates license too; I will add these links down below for you too investigate further.
  • Next: travel a few times in your country, if you live in the USA plan to see some natural wonders like The Grand Canyon or Crater Lake and get comfortable with group travel.
  • You will need lots of maps. Many tourists will not feel comfortable if the guide gets do you homework put it on paper and memorize it.
  • You can use the travel agents to help you put an itinerary together, plus you can add events that you would like to go to. I get brochures travel brochures from many different companies and put together my packages.
  • MY Secret Hot Tip: Check out the web and see what’s going on that year around the world, celebrations, concerts and start getting people "pumped up" about the trip. Start planning right away so you can get good travel deals.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is who you are taking on the trip. You want to gather your friends and group them out for who will go with you and where. Group together people with the same likes and dislikes: For example: you are taking a college age group to California for spring break for bar hoping and music concerts. You would not want to invite a family and children; they would be more interested in a group trip to Disneyland.
  • Call a group travel agency or any local travel agency when you have all you ducks in a row; When you want to travel, where and who's going. Then talk to the agency about a group travel experience you want to create. Next tell them how you want to travel as their guide or group leader for free. Most companies will love to have all the business and agree, but you have to recruit at least 12 or more people if you are going to make it work. ~ Get out your bucket list because you are going to go world traveling!!!


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