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Updated on May 28, 2008

Do You Travel For Business

Business travel has actually increased considerably in the last decade as companies are able to sell more readily to markets all around the world; the Internet has ensured that even tiny companies can have a customer base that is truly global! However, anyone who has spent a great deal of their time traveling for their business will tell you just how tiring it can be. Seasoned travelers may already be aware of the business travel tips below but if you are a new member of the business travelers club then you may find the information very useful.

One situation that you will not be able to avoid at some point if you take enough trips is that of lost luggage which can be a real problem if your baggage contains information relevant to your trip. The easiest way to ensure this situation does not affect you is by placing important business documents in your hand luggage.

Having everything at hand means that if your checked luggage gets delayed you will still be able to meet with clients and get your work done while you wait for less essential stuff to get chased up by the airlines. As far as your main luggage is concerned, make sure you only pack just enough for the trip and this is probably the most useful business travel tip to bear in mind.

If you only take enough business clothes for the trip and then all that is left is some casual wear for the evenings, just two pairs of shoes; one casual pair, and one pair for business should be enough. The remaining items to pack will be toilet essentials and any other work related documents that aren't important.

You should also be able to use a smaller piece of luggage if you roll all of your clothes into a cylinder shape and not fold them as this way they will take up less space and it will reduce the likelihood of creasing which is a business travel tip that flight attendants use all the time. Dark clothing is very useful for traveling business people as it hides stains and dirt very well, so if you get sweaty or spill a coffee on the flight it won't be too noticeable.

Of course if you are working to a tight schedule and the inevitable delay happens then you want to know you can attend a meeting at a moments notice and the way to freshen up is by using those hand and face wipes that come in travel packs. Cell phones and other related equipment normally have good battery life but don't forget to take a charger if you are going to be somewhere for more than a few days.

As it is possible to carry out work while you fly, by making the best use of this time you will be able to spend some time relaxing in the evening and perhaps a little site seeing. By following these few quick and handy tips you should find that you will not be on the back foot and no matter what happens during your travel on business, you should have a successful trip.

Business travel does not have to be all work and by using the business travel tips shown here, there should be time for rest and relaxation too.

All inclusive Caribbean Vacation


For lovers of vacations that include everything in the price you will be spoilt for choice in the Caribbean. It is still a matter of debate as to why the Caribbean is so popular for all inclusive vacations; in fact more are booked on this basis than those for bed and breakfast only. Some attribute the popularity of the Caribbean islands to the predominance of this type of vacation; but there is no evidence however, that their popularity has grown specifically because of this move.

It could just be because all inclusive Caribbean vacations can be less expensive overall and easier to manage; especially for people that like to know there are few other financial outlays to expect. These vacations can even be tailored to suit individual needs where they are designed to suit a particular type of visitor. Many people traveling to the islands are returning to see family and not so much is needed; there is generally no need for anything other than a flight to be arranged.

It is one of those destinations where it an all inclusive Caribbean vacation option is the most affordable. Owing to the number of vacations booked this way through travel operators it is often less expensive than trying to arrange it for your self. However, those travelers that are more independent would not arrange a vacation like this no matter how tempting the financial offer. Even after many years of all inclusive vacations, many travelers are still unsure exactly what is included in a vacation like this.

No matter what type of vacation you are arranging, one thing remains constant and that is the room will be included in the package. All meals and any additional snacks for example will be included in the cost but that is not necessarily the case with other types of package available; in fact many types of board only include a continental breakfast as part of the arrangement. Many people can get confused between a full board package and an all inclusive package vacation.

Simply put, a full board hotel arrangement means that you will be supplied with three meals each day whilst an all inclusive Caribbean vacation resort will supply all food at any time (including snacks) and the same for drink as well; alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Many hotels will also supply their guests with discount vouchers for events, entertainment and meals for example; whilst guests may receive a discount, they still have to pay. Most all inclusive Caribbean vacations will however, normally include all these as part of the package; often included are restaurants outside of the hotel complex which means you can make more of your vacation without dipping into your pocket constantly.

Finding the best airfare deals.

For people who travel frequently, a common conversational topic seems to be related to airfare deals and getting the best price on a flight at the best time to travel. Ticket prices fluctuate a lot around the World although it's possible to fly to most destinations for markedly less than the full standard fare; with assistance from a good travel agent and some research.

A key factor when it comes to getting good deals is the customer not being rigid in their plans. If you're willing to compromise and be flexible on the day and time of year you travel, you are almost assured a cheap seat. To save money airlines will slot people into empty seats, so if you're willing to modify your dates to suit the airlines' program, then you can benefit on their decision. Many airlines charge a hefty cancellation of amendment penalty, if once you have booked a flight, decide to switch the date. One other point concerning flexibility when researching flights is if you want to change or cancel your flight without additional charges, you will probably have to pay the full amount.

Frequent flyers usually win in the ‘dog eat dog' world of airlines and airfare deals. Regular travelers are more likely to benefit from frequent flyer programs initiated by airlines. Passengers collect points or benefits each time they fly with a particular carrier and they redeem them for a free ticket for a partner of for some other benefit. Fierce competition has seen several airlines adopt the design or to unite with other airlines; several hotels are following the airlines' path.

The most used source for deals in airfare is online. Use caution with online sites that are in the business of specializing in airline tickets at a discount, they might be legitimate businesses; however it is always better to book flights with established discount agents. Mostly, the problem is that people fail in verifying a site's legitimacy until it is too late. Never rely on email contact as an indicator of someone's knowledge of the airline industry, visit the office if you can, if that's not possible, telephone to ascertain the agent's knowledge. Query with as many questions as you can, to learn of any likely snags related to their ticket deals, such as stopovers in unattractive parts of the world. Make sure that you know exactly which airline you are flying on, that's very important information.

Airfare deals are on the increase, and options are opening up daily for new destinations and more flexible routes. Your destination is waiting and with careful research of the airlines' options and flexibility in mind, you will eventually get there with minimal effort.


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    • holidayfan profile image

      holidayfan 7 years ago from Sheffield

      I'm always on the look out for cheap flights, I've found that the Sky Scanner website is really useful. Only problem is it doesn't have any/many budget airlines.

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      Hotels in Doha  8 years ago

      Thanks! great post