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Hyatt Check Certificates at Costco - Save 20% at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Updated on July 19, 2014

If you are planning any travel over the coming months, or already have a Hyatt Hotel or Resort stay booked, check your local Costco for Hyatt $100 Check Certificates on sale for $79.99. 

The Hyatt Hotel and Resorts group includes the following branded hotels:  Grand Hyatt™, Hyatt Regency™, Park Hyatt™, Hyatt Place™, and Hyatt Summerfield Suites.  A list of participating properties in the Hyatt Check Certificate program can be found on the Hyatt Hotel and Resorts website. 

Costco Membership

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I’m not a Costco Member can I still buy Hyatt Hotel and Resorts Check Certificates?

There are two ways to buy Hyatt Check Certificates at Costco.  The first will cost you a minimum of $50—become a member.  If you are not a Costco member, consider membership.  There are many wonderful savings to be had, assuming you can be disciplined in your purchasing. 

The other way to purchase Hyatt Check Certificates at Costco is to use a Costco Cash Card.  Have a member purchase these for you, or purchase them on eBay. 

Do you pay tax on the purchase of Hyatt Check Certificates?

No.   The purchase of Hyatt Check Certificates does not attract tax.  Therefore the 20% discount on the purchase of the Hyatt Check Certificates is a full 20%.  Tax is however applied (as applicable)to the goods and services you purchase with your Hyatt Check Certificates—just as with any other purchase.

Hyatt Check Certificates Terms and Conditions

The full terms and conditions can be found on the Hyatt Hotels and Resorts website.

The most notable however is that the check certificates can only be redeemed up to but not over the total bill value. So there will always be an out of pocket portion when redeeming the certificates. For example, if your total bill is $130.00, you may use 2 $50 Hyatt check certificates and $30 cash to settle the bill. You may not use 3 $50 Hyatt check certificates and expect $20 change. For this reason, the true saving when using Hyatt check certificates will only truly be 20% if your bill is for the exact amount you hold in certificates.

In the example above, you would save $20.01 on the total bill of $130, giving you a saving of just over 15%. So you receive the best savings percentage when using Hyatt Check Certificates on bills just over the value of certificates you hold.

AAA Membership

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Can you use Hyatt Check Certificates in combination with other discounts?

If you’re looking for further discounts, here are a couple of additional options.

If you have Costco Executive membership, earn an additional 2% cash back on your Costco purchases, including Hyatt Check Certificates. Book your Hyatt stay online (for participating properties) through Costco’s website or call Costco Travel 1-877-849-2730 for 10% off your stay using offer code COSTCO. This offer can be used in conjunction with Hyatt Check Certificates.

Use your Hyatt Check Certificates in conjunction with a reservation made with your AAA discount. A AAA discount on many hotel stays will provide you with a $10-$20 per night discount. The value of the discount is easily checked by pricing a reservation with your AAA membership number populated and without.

Join the Hyatt Hotel and Resorts Gold Passports global frequent guest program and use your discounted Hyatt Check Certificate stays to earn bonus points, miles, and free nights.

As with all information obtained online please confirm all details for yourself with the participating suppliers to avoid disappointment.


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