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Indian Transport

Updated on October 14, 2011
Indian roadways Express
Indian roadways Express
Indian railway Express
Indian railway Express
Indian Airways
Indian Airways

Indian transport

Today world are dependent upon transport. Transport is an mechanical things which helps man to go form one place to another with time changing India has made so much improvement in transportation. The Indians transport is divided into 3 types.

  • Land Transport
  • Water Transport
  • Air Transport

Land Transport:- In this mainly roadways and Railways comes. This transport works with man, animal, motor, truck and rail. In India there are 3 types or road they are National super Highway, National Highway and roads of district villages.
Making and maintenance of National superhighway goes to central government. India has the length of 34000 km.
Railways:- Indian railway is the lifeline of India. Indian railway is the biggest railway network in Asia and fourth in world. The first railway was start in April,1853A.D. In India which was 34km long. Indian railway is the biggest government network in India.
There are 3 rail path in India. They are as follows
• Broad gauge(Badi line)
• Meter gauge(choti line)
• Narrow gauge(sakri line)

Indian rail zone and there Headquarters
North railway- New-Delhi
West railway- Mumbai
South railway- Chennai
East railway- Kolkata
Central railway-Mumbai B.T.
South central railway-Sikandarabad
South east railway- Kolkata
North east railway-Gorkhpur
East-central railway-Hajipur
North-central railway-Illhabad
West-central railway-Jabalpur
South west railway- Bangalore
North west railway-Jaipur
South-east central railway-Bilaspur

Waterways:- Under this rive, Pond, Sea and Ocean comes. The Bandargoah of India are Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, Visakhapatnam, Marmmogoa, Paradip, Kandla, New manglore, New orangutan, Nhawa sewa, Haldia

Airways:- This is the fast way to go from one place to another. The first air take off was on February 1911. The international Airport of India are jawahar lal Nehru Internationl airport, Mumbai, Shubash Chandra Bosh International airport, Chennai, Tiruwanantapuram international airport


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