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Inside Baobab Beach Resort and Diani Beach

Updated on June 27, 2010

Diani Beach Stones

Arrival at the Diani Baobab Beach Resort gate would not reveal much but getting into the compound will noticed that you have come into a wonderful place to relax and your vacation will be rewarding to the end of your stay. As you move from the gate to the reception you will observed all types of Monkeys playing, these monkeys are used to visitors and are not disturbed by the arrival of any tourist to the Baobab Beach Resort, you will be able to take photos of these monkeys as they keep moving and jumping from one tree to the other. I did took a lot of photos of these creatures as you can see here

Away from the monkey and at the reception you are welcomed with warm greetings and assistance is given on your arrival, the attendance helps you with your luggage and once the booking confirmation is done you are taken to your room. In the rooms you will findĀ  spacious bedroom with all necessary washing detergents that will help you during your stay at the Baobab Beach Resort. The rooms have spacious beds, table and chairs that are handy for any activity you will need to perform

Baobab Beach Resort Food

Baobab Beach Resort offers its customers some of the best meals ranging from fish; meat and vegetables just to mention a few. The food is highly nutritious and found in plenty. The Baobab Beach Resort has taken into consideration the diversity of their tourists and offers food accepted internationally. Lunch at Baobab Beach Resort is served between 1200hrs to 1400hrs, after having lunch you can decide to take a rest a with drink, and with so many variety of drinks you will not luck any drinks at the Baobab Resort

Baobab Beach Resort Breakfast

Breakfast at the Baobab Beach Resort is offered as from 0700hrs to 0900hrs, and you will start your breakfast with the available appetizers, fruits drinks after which your preferred drinks for the breakfast follows, if you are a coffee lover then you will have plenty of it, for tea Kenya produces some of the finest tea that you will enjoy at the Baobab Beach Resort.

The Evening Event at Baobab Beach Resort

Morning at the Baobab Beach Resort

During morning hours you may decide to take a walk along the beaches, at this time the waves in the ocean are still not active and the water level from the beach is about 30 meters offshore. During my stay at the Baobab Beach Resort I decided to collect some of the stones, to me these are my precious stone that will be a reminder to where I should go for my vacation. You may decide to swim in the morning or afternoon; you all determine just when to swim, after swimming you relax at the beach waiting for the hot sun to dry your body up

The Evening Event at Baobab Beach Resort

Before you go to sleep at Baobab Beach Resort, you will watch the evening shows organized by the resort; shows vary everyday from African traditional folk songs to drum. At night tourist converge at the Amphitheatre for the readiness of the show that start at 2130hrs. During my stay at Baobab Beach Resort, I was very delighted to listen to African Traditional Folk Dancers and the Drama title Lion the King of the Jungle. The shows last for about two hours and with a good video recorder you will be able to capture all the drama unfolding at the Baobab Beach Resort. In this hub you will get the photos and drama I managed to capture during my visit to the Beach resorts. Find my journey to Baobab Beach Resort


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    • profile image

      joy 7 years ago


    • oderog profile image

      oderog 7 years ago from Nairobi

      Diani Beach Resort, all you've said is true am one week at Diani beach was lovely and will be coming there soon

    • profile image

      Diani Beach Resort 7 years ago

      Post is nice. Images are lovely.

      If you are planning a holiday that will be a mix-match of stunning views and extra ordinary fun than heading towards Diani Beach is the best idea. The striking view of sultry sand meets with the crystal clear water will give you heavenly feel. It has all the fair reasons that will make you crave to plan your holidays at Diani Beach. Be here to meet the striking marine mammals from the coast of Southern Kenya. The destination contains all the tourist-friendly facilities. One of the prime beach resorts is located along the Indian Ocean and contains many hotels, shopping centers as well as restaurants. The place of infinite coastal caves as well as coral gardens, it is present on Mombasa’s South Coast. The magnificent sandy beach is extended upto 25 KM and you could enjoy the happening breeze and will prove a paradise for photographers.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Just lovely! The breakfast looks good too.

      And I will get there soon! And anything with the word baobab - I'm there. I had the pleasure of spending time in Senegal and meeting the Fulani people there of which my father is a descendant - and enjoying the people, the food, the weather, the dance - everything.

      Thanks for sharing this. I will check back when I am on my way.