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A Journey to Baobab Beach Resort and Diani Reef Beach Resort

Updated on July 3, 2011

Atlatic at the dock on my way to Diani Beach Resort

All is well that ends well, that’s how to sum up my visit to baobab beach resort Diani beach, situated in Mombasa South Coast, it is one of the most and frequently visited beaches in Mombasa. Reaching Diani Beach Resort from Mombasa town is through two ways. As I set for the journey to the Beach I decided to follow the most and suitable routes to Diani Beach Resorts.

Reaching Diani Beach through Likoni Ferry

Starting your journey at the Ferry passenger terminal is one of the most memorable moments that any tourist would never forget, as you wait for the ferry to load the vehicles and passengers on boards, you will be feeling the coastal breezes as watching all ships come to dock at the Mombasa port. At the ferry terminal which is adjacent to the port you will see all types of ship that have arrived. This day I was lucking to see one of the biggest ships that had already docked at the port. The ATLANTIC CANYON, red and tall had already docked and with only less than 50 meters away the moving ferry, I was able to capture the ship from the front and side ways, it was one of the most memorable passable through the Likoni Ferry.

When crossing through the Lokini ferry to baobab beach resort diani beach a tourists or visitors should equip themselves with cameras and preferable digital cameras. But if you can afford to carry with you a video camera then you will enjoy recording of the moving ships to the dock

For the ferry to cross through the Lokini crossing channel which is about 200 meters long it takes about 15 minutes and as you cross the India Ocean you will be able to see fish like Sharks moving along the ferry, with a sharp camera you will be able to capture the sharks as they moving closer to the ferry, the sharks plays freely and are not disturbed by the movement and the sound of the moving ferry. All this happens in 15 minutes while the ferry moves in a zigzag shape to the end. As the ferry touches down, vehicles are allowed to off loads after which passengers are let out.

Once you moved out of the ferry you still have a chance to capture the sea from the other side of the Mombasa town of Likoni, and from this point your road journey to baobab beach resort and diani beach begins, if you are driven by travelling agents you will see coconuts and cashew nut trees along the road. The Mangoes are all over the place and you will take about 1 hour to reach Baobab Beach Resort and Diani Beach. From the baobab beach resort gate you will realized that you have chosen the best  diani beach resorts for a vacation or whatever reason that led your visit to the baobab beach resort. As you get to the reception you will notice one thing: This place to be for my vacation and find out what awaits at baobab beach resort diani beach in my next hub title: Inside the Baobab beach resort diani beach


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