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Is Lulawissie Going Nuclear?

Updated on May 5, 2011

It seems that the Young Democrats Club from the Lulawissie Jr. College has been working overtime behind the scenes to bring nuclear power to Lulawissie County. The site that they have chosen for the new power plant is on the Lulawissie River just above O’Brien’s Ferry. There is a lot of concern as to the effects that Nuclear Power will have on the local environment, and if the new operation will put the old power plant out of business, along with its 17 employees out of work.

The good people at the Atomic Energy Commission have already surveyed the area and filed an Environmental Impact Statement. But it appears that the reports made no mention of the Elementary School located adjacent to the pending nuclear site, nor was there any mention of the effect of heavy water and possible radiation on the local wildlife, which includes the near extinct Ivory Bill woodpecker. I am sure that the birdwatchers from the University up north will be on this issue in a rapid fashion. If all goes according to the plan that the college kids are talking about, the plant won’t be in operation until 2021. That’s too soon for me.

Otherwise, the weather has been good here in Lulawissie. A lot of fishermen have been out on the lake as well as the sailors, canoeists and tubers. Karl Schnitzel reports that there have been quite a few limits of crappie brought in as well as some large bass. The lake record for a largemouth bass is 17 ¼ pounds, caught by Mildred Shoop the year before she was struck by lightning out on the lake. If you recall, Mildred won the Crappie Tournament last year as the result of a controversial weigh up.

The Ivory Bill video captured by the Boy Scouts a few weeks ago is now available for public viewing. There will be a public showing at the Amphitheater next Saturday night, and copies of the video will be available on DVD for $10. All proceeds will go to the Ivory Bill Preservation Society. If you would like to obtain a copy, just write me here.

We had a beautiful full “supermoon” last Saturday night. We were blessed with clear skies and a nice, soft evening. The light of the full moon painted the lake and countryside in its pale grey light. It was beautiful. Many of the locals were out on Vista Point with telescopes, cameras and binoculars. The weekend band played well into the wee hours as the families and other Lulawissians leisurely enjoyed the lunar spectacle.

Well, the day is winding down for me. I treated myself to a beer tonight, a rarity for me anymore, but my oldest son was buying, so “why not?” Life is good if you really think about it. We are all blessed in one way or another, but we all seem to overlook that point in our lives. Just sit back, look at the night sky wherever you are and think about how great life is. Everyone has problems in life, I know that I do, but I am grateful to be here, and I look forward to being here as long as the good Lord will let me stay.

Have a good evening, my friends. Work hard, help a friend, a take time to laugh. Thanks for stopping by.

©2011 by Del Banks



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