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Jerusalem Travel and Conversions

Updated on November 9, 2012
Israeli Flag over the country of Israel Map
Israeli Flag over the country of Israel Map | Source

"Jerusalem Travel - Fast Facts and Israeli Travel Conversions" will assist you in navigating the wonderful country and its most illustrious city. Jerusalem is known as the "Eternal Sacred City" to three great religions, and is unparallelled in its opportunities for uplifting spiritual experiences and communing with history. However, for those looking for a more modern experience, Jerusalem is also a vibrant modern city that offers incredibly good cuisine and an interesting culture Arabs and Jews who reside there provide. The combination of cultures has been further enhanced by influences of Russian to South American people; which add a delightfully infinite variety to the inner fabric of this grand ancient city.

Israel Today

Today you will find a few Israeli fast facts on currency exchange, what to expect from the electricity in Jerusalem, best time of the year to plan a trip, a few conversion tables, and a quiz to help you get in a Middle Eastern mood. You will also enjoy a virtual (video) trip down Ben Yahuda Street in west Jerusalem! Get ready to do some bookmarking, as this will be very helpful information to have along with you on your next travel adventure to the beautiful city of Jerusalem!

Three "Jerusalem Fast Facts" Right off the Bat

1. Water in Jerusalem:

  • The water throughout Israel is potable (viable drinking water). The exception to this is at the Dead Sea, where bottled water is highly recommended.

2. Emergencies:

  • Police - dial 100
  • Fire - dial 102
  • medical emergency/ambulance - dial 101
  • local directory assistance - dial 144
  • operator assistance - dial 188
  • For international calling - Israeli's country code is 972

3. Taxation Tip:

  • Unlike prices for everything else in Israel, prices for hotel rooms, international flights, and car rentals are usually quoted in U.S. dollars (USD). Tourists paying for these items in foreign currency (such as using a credit card) are exempt from the country's over 16% Value Added Tax (VAT). If you eat lunch at your hotel and charge the meal to your room, you also don't have to pay the VAT.

What do Israel Electrical Outlet's Look Like?

The Type H Israeli electrical plug and outlet is completely unique to Israel. The 3-pin triangular formation is very easy to spot when compared to other types.
The Type H Israeli electrical plug and outlet is completely unique to Israel. The 3-pin triangular formation is very easy to spot when compared to other types. | Source


Anytime you travel to a foreign country you pack those things that you simply cannot do without. Your favorite hairdryer, laptop, and of course cell phone. Upon arrival to your vacation destination you are likely to find an outlet that will not comply to your western plugs. Now what? Well with a little forethought and preparedness you can avoid this dilemma all together. Since this is a discussion about travel to Jerusalem, lets learn about the electricity in Israel.

The "Type C" is a European 2-pin electrical outlet, generally referred to as the Europlug. It is a 2-pinned unearthed plug that is found all over continental Europe, and a few places in Israel.
The "Type C" is a European 2-pin electrical outlet, generally referred to as the Europlug. It is a 2-pinned unearthed plug that is found all over continental Europe, and a few places in Israel. | Source

In Israel, the electrical current used is 220 volts AC (50 cycles), as opposed to the 110-volt system used in America. If you bring (and who wouldn't) an electric hair dryer or shaver with you to Israel, you are going to need the proper transformer to convert the current. When choosing a converter, avoid buying a cheap model because these devices are not safe and sooner or later are going to cause damage to your personal items. A VERY IMPORTANT electronic fact concerning packing your laptop is this; do not use sensitive items (like your laptop) unless they have a built-in transformer that automatically converts to both 110 and 220 voltage systems. External converters are simply to risky and may cause some really bad things to happen to your really good laptop memory.

The sockets (power outlets) in Jerusalem (Israel) are design to accept two or three pronged plugs. If your electronic device with the proper voltage still doesn't have the right plug, you can easily buy an adapter—inexpensively (an adapter is far and away different than a converter, so buying a cheaper model will be just fine). Often times the hotel where you are staying will offer these adapters to you for little to no cost. (Call ahead, check online, or ask your travel agent for details.)

Fun Ben Yehuda Street Tour!

The Ben Yehuda is to Israeli Hebrew as Webster's dictionary is to American English.

The New Israeli Shekel - Currency for Jerusalem.
The New Israeli Shekel - Currency for Jerusalem. | Source

Convert US Dollars to Israeli Shekels Using this Calculator


Whether you are spending dollars or shekels, the exchange rate can make a huge difference in your Jerusalem vacation experience. As we leave our western ways and currency behind, we head into a new and exciting Israeli monetary system. But no matter where you travel, getting the most out of your dollar (or shekel) can determine just how much fun you can manage while traveling; and this applies in the great city of Jerusalem as well. Having a few fast facts surrounding the exchange of currency can help you get the most bang for your buck. Follow a few of these travel currency exchange tips and you may just find a few extra "shekels" where your dollars use to be:

  • Do not exchange money at banks or hotels
  • Legal currency exchange outlets line the Ben Yehuda Street pedestrian mall, Jaffa Road, and King George Street (they offer slightly better rates than banks, will exchange money in less time, and charge no commission; they also have longer hours of operation). You don't even have to shop around because they all offer the same rates.
  • Most of the Post Offices will exchange money at a competitive rate.
  • ATMs connected to the major international networks can also be found on the Ben Yehuda mall. A small fee will apply to your withdrawal just like when using them in the USA.

Downtown West Jerusalem Pedestrian Mall Walk Tour Map

Downtown West Jerusalem - the pedestrian mall walk takes you past many great shops, and convenient currency exchange locations.
Downtown West Jerusalem - the pedestrian mall walk takes you past many great shops, and convenient currency exchange locations. | Source

Jerusalem Average Temperature (°F &°C) & Monthly Rainfall (inches)

RAINFALL (inches) 


It makes sense that the majority of those heading to Israel come during the Summer vacation months, or to celebrate religious holidays. However, traveling to Jerusalem at these seasonal times brings two distinct concerns: 1. Hotels and airfare costs, and 2. The hot summer weather.

1. Hotel and airfare costs are much higher

Whenever you travel during any peek season the air travel companies and Hotel industry increase the cost of a boarding pass and room rates significantly! This is due to supply and demand. Everyone wants to get to their vacation location quickly so they can enjoy as much of their scheduled trip doing vacation things, rather than transportation and check-in things. The airfare and Hotel rates during these times reflect this mind-set.

IT'S TIME FOR AN ISRAEL QUIZ! How Much Do You Know About Israel?

view quiz statistics

2. The summer is really, really hot

Because summer is usually the time when little David and Sarah are out of school, most people plan to travel around this academic schedule. If you can avoid landing in Jerusalem during the summer months, you will be doing your family a very cool favor. The best time to travel to Israel is in autumn and spring. You'll encounter fewer crowds (except during Passover in spring and Sukkot in fall). However the good news is Jerusalem's weather is very comfortable and conducive to some beautiful sightseeing during these months of the year. Winters in Jerusalem can get a bit nippy, but the Dead Sea or even Tel Aviv can offer you some escape from the cold.

You will probably find some rain between November and March, but for no more than two days in a row. Jerusalem is located in the Judean Hills, so it can get chilly there in the evenings—especially at night. I suggest packing a sweater or light jacket, even in the summer months.

~Israeli Fast Fact Conversions at a Glance~



U.S. gallons to liters
Liters to U.S. gallons
U.S. gallons to Imperial galons 
Imperial gallons to U.S. gallons
Imperial gallons to liters
Liters to imperial gallons


Inches to centimeters 
Centimeters to inches 
Feet to meters 
Meters to feet
Yards to meters
Meters to yards
Miles to kilometers
kilometers to miles

Temperature & Liquid Volume Conversions:


  • 32°F = 0°C
  • To convert °F to °C: Subtract 32 and multiply by 5/9 (.555)
  • To convert °C to °F: Multiply by 1.8 and add 32

Liquid Volume

  • 1 liter =.26 U.S. gallon
  • 1 U.S. gallon = 3.8 liters

Weight & Distance Conversions:


  • 1 ounce = 28 grams
  • 1 pound = .4555 kilogram
  • 1 gram = .04 ounce
  • 1 kilogram = 2.2 pound


  • 1 foot = .30m
  • 1m = 3.3 ft.
  • 1 mile = 1.6km
  • 1km = .62 mile

Concluding Your Jerusalem Trip

Following the fast facts and tips here when traveling to Jerusalem can enhance the visit in many ways. Knowing where to get your currency exchanged, a few tips for electronics, and of course when the best time to venture to the Middle East all combine to make your adventure more memorable—for all the right reasons! If you are heading east for a spiritual reawakening, great culture and cuisine, or a little of both, you have made the right choice in an Israeli vacation. I am certain that once you experience the wonders that Israel has to offer, you may never be the same. Go with an open mind and a sensible attitude and you are sure to find Jerusalem to leave you with memories that you'll share with generations to come.



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