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Jura Scotland

Updated on February 20, 2010

Jura is a very small island in the Scottish Inner Hebrides, in the north of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It lays in the historic district of Argyll and Bute, and is therefore part of the so-called 'Highlands and Islands'. Less than 200 people life there on approximately 400km2, making it a sparsely populated region. Especiall when you consider that over 5000 deer share the island with them!

Forged by sea and storm, Jura has a rather wild-romantic landscape with the three main hills, called Paps of Jura being the main attraction. The paps are a great hiking territory and are the playground for the yearly ‘Isle of Jura Fell Race’, they measure between 785 and 734m over sea level.

Is the main settlement and the only place where shops and the like can be find. It lays on the east coast and also houses Jura's sole whiskey distillery, a major tourist attraction.

Getting there and around
By car: Take the car ferry from Islay.
By foot: You can take the passenger-only ferry from Tayvallich on the Scottish mainland.
By airplane: There is no airport on Jura, Scotland.
Walking, hiking and biking (beware of the strong winds!) are a good method to get fir and around Jura. There is no car hire on the island and only a small, private taxi service.

Origin of the name 'Jura'
Most likely from ‘Dyr-oy’ or ‘Dysey’ (old norse for 'deer island) which evolved into the Gaelic name ‘Diùra’ or as it is pronounced today --- Jura.

The public gardens of Jura House with its exotic plants.
A traditional whisky distillery (Craighouse).

Wildlife is typical for the Scottish islands and consists of the famous red deer of Jura, birds of prey like eagles and hawks and small predators such as mink and stoats, to name but a few. Beware of the snakes of Jura, mainly the adders can give you nasty bites. They are not deadly, unless you are allergic, but snake bites are always painful! You can also find seals on the coast and go dolphin watching with a boat.

Famous People
George Orwell finished here his masterpiece '1984' and KLF burned here £1 million in banknotes (1994), something what still makes the blood pressure of the local people rise!

Where to stay and eat on Jura?
There is  one hotel in Craighouse and several bed and breakfast and self-catering cottages on the island. Small restaurants and pubs can be found and are mostly located in Craighouse. Jura Scotland is a lovely place for holidays and vacations!


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    • Sybille Yates profile imageAUTHOR

      Sybille Yates 

      9 years ago


      Yummy, Scottish Single Malt, worth every travel ;-) SY

    • andycal profile image


      9 years ago

      Being a whiskey drinker, this place is properly on my 'must visit soon' list!


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