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Lambert - St Louis International Airport (STL) Car Rental and Transportation

Updated on October 22, 2017

One of the most important aspects to consider when planning a vacation or business trip is the availability of immediate transportation for the duration of your stay. The convenience and time saving considerations of picking up a rental car at Lambert - St Louis International Airport verses hiring alternative modes such as public transit bus or shuttle service, can be the defining difference between wasting an excessive amount of invaluable time and energy waiting around in a hotel lobby or bus stop for a ride to the next place of interest or corporate gathering, and an enjoyable relaxed paced itinerary experience.

Car Rental Companies At Lambert - St Louis International Airport:

Alamo Rent A Car
(800) 462-5266
Avis Rent A Car
(800) 831-2847
Budget Rent A Car
(800) 527-0700
Enterprise Rent A Car
(800) 325-8007
Hertz Rent A Car
(800) 654-3131
National Rent A Car
(800) 227-7368
Thrifty Car Rental
(800) 367-2277
Rent-A-Car Agencies are located in the "Main Terminal" on "Lower Level"
Passenger Pick Up - Terminal 1 Exit Door 17 / Terminal 2 Exit Door 12

In certain circumstances, a public transit commuter bus or van shuttle service does have it's advantages, especially if your travel plans do not include site seeing or business meetings and the only transportation required is a simple one way ride to and from the airport, which would be the logical scenario if your trip is brief in nature. However, if you are planning an extended stay, enduring multiple stops or considerable delays in between excursions or corporate meetings, which is almost guaranteed with the average bus and shuttle route, can turn out to be a time consuming and extremely frustrating alternative. With the preceding in mind, this entire page was designed to assist travelers with convenient online comparison shopping by providing a complete selection of rental car companies and sub section of alternative options. All companies presented are located on site or within very close proximity to Lambert - St Louis International Airport, enabling swift vehicle selection and delivery.


  • Price Negotiation - All consumers regardless of income bracket, are usually interested in receiving the best possible service at the most attractive budget friendly price, and attempting to negotiate for a rental car is one way to potentially get a discounted rate or more favorable terms. The outcome whether success or failure, typically depends on a consumers bargaining skills and willingness to engage in a conversation, and the prevailing economic environment, or a combination of both. As a frequent rent a car customer, I always inquire about current promotions which may be in progress or special deals some agencies may offer customers for frequent patronage, i.e. minimum number of car rentals within a specific time period, or for simply maintaining a loyal relationship. If your negotiating skills are up to par or timing is just right with favorable consumer friendly economic winds in your sail, securing an attractive bargain with flexible terms just might come to fruition. The opposite side of this equation presents a straight forward scenario, if the industry is experiencing robust activity and rental cars are in high demand, promotions and or discounts will probably be very difficult to find and settling for full price is usually the only realistic alternative, so plan accordingly. Discount or lack there of, the inherent benefits of having a rental car ready and waiting when you are, cannot be understated


  • Approximately 11 miles northwest of St Louis on a border convergence line between the cities of Berkeley and Bridgeton Missouri, sits Lambert - St Louis International Airport, the states largest and busiest facility which accommodates an average of approximately 10 million domestic and international travelers annually. STL owns a controlling interest in roughly 4,000 acres which is almost evenly divided between land used for primary airport operations including commercial air carrier service both nonstop and interrupted, cargo transport and delivery, and private charter services, with the balance of property situated outside the fenced area.16 Commercial carriers operate daily out of 2 distinct terminals and 4 runways with STL acting as a key stop over point for parcel delivery entities such as Integrated Airline Services Inc., DHL, Federal Express, and United Parcel Service (UPS).


STL Driving Directions/Map:

A markerLambert - St Louis International Airport: -
Main Terminal (STL), 9841 Air Cargo Rd, St Louis, MO 63134-2044, USA
get directions


GO BEST Express Airport Shuttle

  • Phone: (977) 785-4682

- One way shared ride to and from "STL" . Call for rates -


- The "Bus Port" is located south of Terminal 1 off Lambert International Blvd. -

Hotel & Motel Courtesy Shuttles

- Provide a "One Way" ride to and from the airport only. Check with your specific Hotel or Motel for more information -

  • Terminal 1: Free "Phone Centers" are located in the Lower Level "Baggage Claim" at doors 12, 17, & 18
  • Passenger Pick Up: Exit Lower Level Through Door 18
  • Terminal 2: Free "Phone Center" in Lower Level Near Door 12
  • Passenger Pick Up: Lower Level at Exit Door 15

- Banking / US Bank -
- ATM -
- Post Office (Full Svc) -
Lower Level / Terminal 1
Terminal 1 / Concourses  A/C/E
Lower Level / Terminal 1
Hrs: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Commerce / B of A / US Bank
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Monday thru Friday
Terminal 2 - SAME
- STL Address -
- Phone -
- Lost & Found -
10701 Lambert Int'l Blvd.
Paging: (314) 890-1333
(314) 426-8126
St Louis, MO  63145-0212
Guest Services (Same)
TSA - (314) 595-0423


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    • festersporling1 profile image

      Daniel Christian 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Been there many, many times.

    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 6 years ago from United States

      As a traveler, I find your hubs on car rental and transportation extremely useful! Thank you so much!