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List of Best Restaurants and Hangout places in India

Updated on March 3, 2013

This list is compiled from the HubPages ‘Marks the Spot’ HubMob Weekly topic of September 2010 which lists some of the best restaurants and hangout places of India. There were many review hubs on Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and the similar hangout places for around the globe. The below list will be helpful, especially for foodies, to find the best hangout places in India.

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Kebab Shops in Delhi by soni2006 – As you talk of kebabs, water comes in your mouth. They are so delicious and even finding kebabs is not so difficult in Delhi. But when it comes to best kebabs, you may have to search numerous options. So here is the hub which will list the best kebab shops in Delhi for mouth watering kebabs.

Chinese Restaurants in South Delhi by soni2006 – This hub provides the information of best Chinese food joints for tourists and residents of Delhi. Though, you can taste several Chinese dishes at any corner of the Delhi but eating at the authentic Chinese restaurant reflects the true Chinese culture.

Chinese Restaurants in Bangalore by Purple Perl – This IT hub of India has people from all over the country with varying taste and desires. But the hot favorite cuisine among all is Chinese food. This hub lists the best Chinese restaurants of Bangalore to make it easy for visitors.

Delicious Indian Food
Delicious Indian Food

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Hyderabad by hubber-2009 – This hub lists some of the best vegetarian restaurants of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is famous for its delicious Hyderabadi Biryani, but sometimes it becomes difficult for tourists to find good vegetarians restaurants. So, this list will definitely help you to find the best vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Madurai by hubber-2009 – Madurai, being a city of temples, has lots of vegetarian restaurants. Normally, you won’t find any problem searching for vegetarian restaurants, but eating at the best restaurant is always good. So find out the best vegetarian restaurants of Madurai from this hub.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Delhi by soni2006 – Finding a good restaurant is not so difficult, but finding a good vegetarian restaurant is hard. So, if you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Delhi, this hub will definitely help you find the best restaurant.

Luxury Hotels of Cochin by SEO Expert Kerala – Cochin, in Kerala, is a hot tourist spot and everyone who visits Kerala, first lands up in Cochin. This hub lists the different luxury hotels located in Cochin and the amenities they offer to the tourists.

Best Nightclubs for Hangouts in Delhi Hotels by soni2006 – As the name suggests, this hub reveals all the best nightclubs inside the luxury hotels of Delhi. Find the reviews and details of five best nightclubs along with their pics and contact details.

Best Night Clubs in Bangalore by SEO Expert Kerala – Bangalore, known as an IT hub of India, has an exciting night life. After a long and hectic week, people refresh themselves with dance and music. Find the best pubs and nightclubs in Bangalore from this hub.

Locate Delhi University

A markerDelhi University, New Delhi, India -
get directions

Best Restaurants in Indirapuram by anujagarwal – Indirapuram is a prime residential area in Delhi-NCR having several food joints. This hub provides the list of best restaurants of Indirapuram to have quality food.

Best Momos Shop in Delhi by soni2006 – Momos are popular, especially in North India, and are easily available at almost every corner of Delhi. This hub will tell you the best momos shop of Delhi along with brief review.

Hangout places near Delhi University by soni2006 – Delhi University is the best place for college students to eat out some best street food. Though mostly you will find only college grads, but everyone should really try out these food joints which offer delicious food and snacks.

Best Holiday Resorts in Bangalore by SEO Expert Kerala – This hub lists the best holiday resorts in Bangalore to relax yourself from your busy schedule. Holiday Resorts are best places for relaxation and to enjoy with family or friends.

Best Street Food in Delhi by soni2006 – Delhi is known for offering delicious variety of food. Though you can easily get best of the restaurants at every corner, but eating the street food in Delhi is simply awesome. Get the list of best street food joints and taste the real Indian food.

The above list of restaurants, eating joints and hangout places would have definitely made you hungry. So plan a visit to each place and taste some mouth watering cuisines.

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