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Living In London, England: You Know You’re A Londoner When….

Updated on March 20, 2013

The Signs That Show Your Adopted City Has Become Your Home

You don’t have to be born in London to be a Londoner. A sizable proportion of people living in London, England have moved here, from not only other parts of the UK but also from nearly all parts of the world. Becoming a Londoner is a process of adopting the city and a feeling of the city belonging to you, rather than one of heritage or birthright. This ‘adoption’ process is quite unusual, only occurring in a few other major cities in the world, New York being a good example. It is part of what makes London what it is. It wonderfully creates a world culture within the city, embracing uniqueness in its diversity.

The realisation that you have become one of the locals is different for each person but there are some common signs, that many share, that reveal that London has become your home and your identity.

View from the London Eye
View from the London Eye
Houses Of Parliment
Houses Of Parliment
Tower Bridge, London
Tower Bridge, London | Source

So what are the signs that you have become a Londoner?

Nothing surprises you. You have got used to seeing celebrities out and about and you don’t get at all excited when you see them. It’s more a case of “oh yeah, she works around here, I think. I see her all the time”. This is while your friend, visiting from outside the city, is hyperventilating with excitement at spotting someone who appears regularly on TV.

You’re not surprised at what people wear. There is such a mix of everything in London that nothing is actually unusual. A large crowd of mouse costume wearing individuals outside of London would be a major event. But in the capital, they draw just half looks from the locals who would be doing nothing much more than wondering what this latest demonstration or advertising campaign is about. Anyway, A real Londoner doesn’t have time to stop and stare, far too busy!

Londoners can get easily annoyed when people walk slowly, stroll around seemingly aimlessly, or appear to be taking in the sights, slowing them down in their busy, busy lives. And don’t get them started on the subject of entrances and exits of the tube being blocked by large groups!

London Tube
London Tube | Source
London Pubs
London Pubs | Source

Remember the time when you first used the tube and marvelled at its efficiency and the frequency of the trains? Well, if you are a true Londoner, those days are long gone. Nowadays, 5 minutes is just about acceptable but 10 minutes, that will be an eternity to wait for a tube train. How annoying! And then there is the horror of the carriages being too full and having to wait for the next train. That could mean maybe a 15 to 20 minute total waiting time….!!!

It feels normal to be surrounded by the familiar sounds of different languages being spoken by other passengers while travelling on public transport. A trip outside the Capital can feel a little alien, where everyone speaks the same.

You laugh when you look at prices of items in shops or buy drinks in pubs while on a weekend break from the capital to another part of the UK . You imagine how rich you would feel if you lived there, with prices so much lower than back home in London.

You get spooked on holiday if you find yourself somewhere that is completely silent or has total pitch blackness at night. You realise you now find the distant hum of traffic or the constant sounds of the city comforting, and have got used to the soft illumination of light pollution over the city.

Living in London, England is a wonderful experience, but there are differences to living here and being a Londoner. Have you seen the signs? Are you a Londoner?

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    • profile image

      House Sitter 5 years ago

      It may sound like a joke but is not funny at

      Good Luck!

    • dilyana1976 profile image

      dilyana1976 6 years ago

      Thank you! Good luck! :)

    • jasmith1 profile image

      Adrian Smith 6 years ago from UK

      Also - I love your profile pic! :)

    • jasmith1 profile image

      Adrian Smith 6 years ago from UK

      Great points! It's funny all of the quirks that Londoner's have when you stop to think about it! :)

      Thank you - I am glad you enjoyed this!

    • dilyana1976 profile image

      dilyana1976 6 years ago

      Is eating on benches in parks and gardens a characteristic of a Londoner? Also, sitting on the grass? What about running along the escalators in the Tube past the rest people?

      Thank you so much about the hub! I liked it!