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Luxury Villa Rental Staff

Updated on May 30, 2014

Luxury Villa Rental Staff

The concept behind vacationing at a villa rental is to pamper yourself with the choicest luxuries to break away from the stresses of your daily life. The staff involve in the luxury villa rental plays an important role in making sure you have an unmatched holiday experience, and leave the premises infused with a new sense of energy. Key staff members without whom a luxury villa rental experience would be incomplete, include:

Villa Manager

Villa Manager is the person in-charge of overall smooth operation of the various elements in a villa rental and overseeing the performance of individual staff members in the various departments. Customer service is prime focus for a villa manager, and the job responsibilities involve:

  • · General maintenance of the villa
  • · Maintaining hygiene, health and safety standards
  • · Looking after paperwork, both financial and non-financial
  • · Maintaining guest relations by ensuring all daily and urgent needs are catered to in a timely and efficient manner
  • · Management of staff members

Chef and Cook

These are guys sweating it out in the kitchen to make sure you enjoy a five-star luxury cuisine experience. From preparation level cooks to the head chef, each person has clearly defined role and responsibilities, such as:

  • · Preparation, cooking and garnishing of food orders
  • · Presentation and creative decoration of food
  • · Timely delivery of services
  • · Finalizing food menus
  • · Adhering to recommended sanitation practices


You may have different persons catering to the tasks of maids, valets and butlers or have all the three rolled into one. The roles vary depending on villa rental policy and staffing. The general role and responsibilities involve:

  • · Butlers are responsible for assisting the guests with packing, travel preparations, organizing events, serving meals and wines, and performing waiting services
  • · A maid, on the other hand, is responsible for maintenance of premises, cleaning and maintenance of clothing, chinaware and crystal, artwork, and other items in the villa.
  • · Valet is the person in-charge of taking care of every small errand you need to get done during your stay at the villa such as picking up your dry cleaning or maintaining automobiles.


The literal translation of this French term is ��keeper of keys’. This medieval concept once restricted to kings and royalty can be enjoyed by anyone at avenues like luxury villa rentals. The responsibilities of a concierge include:

  • · Pre arrival arrangements such as car rentals
  • · Meet and greet on arrival of guests
  • · Pre-stocking the villa premises with wine, flowers and requisite food provisioning
  • · Looking after luggage shipment and unpacking
  • · Making send-off arrangements at the end of the holiday

Spa Therapists/Masseur/Masseuse

Could there be a more relaxing experience than an invigorating massage? Most villa rentals cater for part time or full time spa therapists, masseur, or masseuse. Their job entails:

  • · Baseline massages
  • · Full body scrubs
  • · Reflexology sessions for the foot
  • · Foot rubs
  • · Pedicures and manicures


Luxury villa rentals are often situated in isolated locations, withdrawn from the madness of city life. Thus, the role of security staff assumes paramount importance. Key responsibilities involve:

  • · Prevention of any untoward incident
  • · Vigilance
  • · Acting as a deterrent to criminals
  • · Guarding the premises at all hours
  • · Safeguarding the guests and their belongings from any potential damage or threat
  • · Keen observance and timely reporting of any suspicious activity

These key personnel are essential for the smooth functioning of villa rentals and a memorable stay for the guests.


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