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Map of Panama

Updated on May 31, 2011

Panama Map

Thinking Panama Real Estate?

If you're ready to explore the Best Place to Retire and one of the Cheapest Places to Live you're going to need a good Map of Panama. This invaluable tool will also help you know more about the country, Panama City and the other major communities to consider. A map of Panama can familiarize you with the sights to see in this grand but small country before you ever even set foot on their soil.

Panama Map

A good Map can give you a lot if information about the country, the area in and around it and much more. The type of information you get will vary according to what type of map you are using. Some maps will show you topography and landscaping, others will show you roads and highways. Some will show you where certain cities and even buildings are. The valuable information you obtain from your Map of Panamawill help you prepare for a trip there and to move around within the country if you move there. With so many great sights to see and things to do in Panama, one great way to be sure you don’t miss anything is to get your own map of Panama. A smart decision is even to get more than one map so that you have different versions to meet different specific needs. Maps can give you many important facts and statistics on the country. For example:The Republic of Panama has 29,340 square miles of land and 853 square miles of fresh water within it for a total area of 30,193 square miles. Panama has 1,547 miles of coastline for natives and visitors to enjoy. National Day of Panama is November 3rd The capital city is Panama City which has a population of over 450,000. The total population of the country is 3,039,200 and growing with more people realizing the great things to be found in this country. Spanish is the official language but many people also speak English. There are even maps of Panama that can also show you the census results and what languages people in certain areas of the country speak. Did you know 85% of the population is Catholic and 15% are Protestant? Maps of Panama can also tell you a lot about the land and landforms within the country. For example, the highest point is Volcan Baru located in the highland province of Chirqui. Baru, as it referred to by the locals stands at 11,401 feet high. Of course the lowest point in Panama is the Pacific Ocean at 0 feet or sea level. The country is divided into 9 provinces: Bocas del Toro, Chiriqui, Cocle, Colon, Darien, Herrera, Los Santos, Panama and Veraguas and 1 territory, San Blas. Enjoy planning your adventure! To order a map of Panama and discover more of this wonderful country visit Learn About

Map of Panama

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Panama Hotels

As discussed above, starting with a good map and doing your planning and research long before you travel to Panama is a great idea. Once you know generally where you're going in Panama it's good to do some research on where you are going to stay.

A Panama Travel Tip

When you are searching online for Panama Hotels try to refine your search for specific regions. If you simply type in Panama City you are likely to get a bunch of results for Panama City Fl - not what you are looking for. So be sure to use a little more description like Panama City Panama. Then you will get a much better listing of sites to help.

Learning about Panama Hotels

I've started a blog about Panama Hotels where you can learn from my experiences travelling around Panama and staying in various places. Right now I've covered Panama City Panama Hotels; Boquete Hotels, Bocas del Toro; Playa Blanca; Contadora; Portobelo; Isla Grande and Coronado Hotels. As you explore the various regions of Panama please go to my blog and leave your comments and tips. Then we can refine the information giving everyone the heads up on the best places to stay and those to avoid all over Panama.


Discovering Boquete - yet another good reason to have a Panama Map and a solid travel plan before you arrive in Panama. For many people Panama is just coming on their map now. When they start to investigate travelling to Panama they will soon discover it's somewhat different than say going to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico or Costa Rica. In Panama it's safe to travel just about anywhere in the country. Save perhaps the Colon area. The most phone and the most rewarding Panama Vacation starts with renting a car and getting out of the city. And one of the most desirable spots to visit in all of Panama is Boquete located in the highland province of Chiriqui.

Boquete is the highland land of coffee and flowers. Both grow in abundance and both attract visitors from all over the world. There are plenty of other interesting and attractive things about Boquete too. For one it's not hot. Even though Panama is quite close to the equator and most of the country baths in hot humid weather Boquete is about 1,500 metres above sea level so it's cool and much drier. At some times of the year night temperatures can drop below 10C (50F). And when the sun rises it typically settles in at a nice comfortable 20's (70'ish). Plus Boquete gets a pleasant light rain even in the dry season which keeps everything lush and green.

Even though Boquete is a small mountain village it surprises many to know their are over 40 hotels and inns here. From 'back-packer' low budget hostels to beautiful luxury resorts and spa hotels, like Valle Escondido Hotel & Resort and Hotel Panamonte. With this kind of hospitality available most of the year it's pretty safe to arrive in town and shop Boquete Hotels before you decide where you want to stay.

So, if you're planning a trip to Panama don't miss visiting the wonderful and beautiful highland village of Boquete.

Interactive Map of Panama


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      Princess Stephen 6 years ago

      Nice Blogs :) I really like your post.. Keep it up and I am looking forward to see more contents like this.. :) Great job ..

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    • PanamaPaul profile image

      PanamaPaul 7 years ago from Toronto

      Glad I found you. I'm planning a trip to Panama and I've been finding your Hubs very helpful. I also sign up for your letters over at Thanks too for this tip. I went ahead and ordered both Panama Maps that you recommended. It's a great idea and I'm happy I will have them to lay out my tour.

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      joey thomas 10 years ago

      goodjob on the website. ill come more often. talk2u later. bye

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      PartyPlannerDeb 10 years ago

      Some good data on Panama plus thanks for the link to get a good road map - we found it impossible to find one in Panama!