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Molly Malone's Irish Pub In Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Updated on September 5, 2011
Photo Taken At Molly Malone's Grand Opening In Patong Beach In 1999
Photo Taken At Molly Malone's Grand Opening In Patong Beach In 1999 | Source

Molly Malone's
Molly Malone's opened for business in 1999, becoming the first true Irish Pub in Patong Beach. Almost all the other pubs and bars in Patong Beach are catering to sex tourists, with bar girls and loud music. Molly Malone's is a traditional British Pub, without all the sleaze that pollutes most of Patong Beach. They have traditional British pub food, cooked by a true British chef. There are no bar girls at Molly Malone's, other than those that have come in with the customers.

The Pub is popular with those tourists that are on holiday to enjoy the beaches rather than the babes, older married couples and businessman passing through town. You won't find any backpackers having a drink at Molly Malones, they simply could not afford it. The prices of food and drink are much higher than most places in Phuket, however still affordable for your average European tourist. The portions are enormous, so I suppose you get what you pay for.

The pub is located on Patong Beach Road, coming from Bangla road it is on your left hand side, just past McDonald's. We have attached a map for your convenience. Walking to Molly Malone's from Bangla Road (the main street in the entertainment district), only takes 5-10 minutes. The cost of a tuk tuk is 200THB from anywhere in Patong Beach, this is grossly overpriced so you are better off walking if you can. There is no place to park a car in front of the pub if you happen to be driving. The nearest parking would be at one of the nearby hotels, probably the best option would be Patong Beach Resort (near Banana Disco).

Molly Malone's is one of the best places to watch live sporting events, especially rugby and cricket, that is often played in the afternoons. They have several giant LCD flat screen televisions, and there is plenty of seating. If you want to watch a big sporting event such as a rugby tournament like Tri Nations or World Cup, you might not find seats unless you show up early. Late nights at Molly Malone's they often have live music, and one band in particular is quite good. There is a Filipino band with a female lead vocalist that really gets the crowd going. The band itself is average, however the lead singer is unbelievably sexy and energetic. If you have the chance to see them play while you are on holidays, you definitely would not want to miss it.


Live Music At Molly Malone's


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