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Most Haunted Places in India

Updated on January 5, 2013
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Bhangarh is India's Most Haunted Place
Bhangarh is India's Most Haunted Place
Roopkund or the Skeleton Lake is also one of the creepiest places in India
Roopkund or the Skeleton Lake is also one of the creepiest places in India

Top 9 Most Haunted Spooky Places in India

Stories of ghosts, unexplained serial suicides, sounds of screams and wailing on full moon nights, haunted houses and territorial widows in white saris are some of the things which recur in every haunted places in the world and India is no exception when it comes to haunted places. There are cemeteries, forts, homes and forts which are favored abode of the ghosts. Nowadays, even hotels have their own resident ghosts most of them friendly but elsewhere these ghosts are determined to make people’s lives miserable from the afterlife and populate a large unofficial body of local folklore.

Bhangarh - Most Haunted Place in India

The most haunted place in India, Bhangarh is a popular tourist attraction located in Alwar Rajasthan. The city which was founded in early 1600 was once home to more than 10,000 people. But today it lies in ruins with only inhabitants being the ghosts. In fact the ASI, a government body itself has posted a warning sign to keep people out after sunset and before sunrise. According to the legends the city was cursed by a Tantrik (Black Magician) who was trying to cast spell over the beautiful princess of Bhangarh. The Tantrik prepared a 'love potion' to make the princess fall in love with him. But even before he could use it princess found out what he was about and smashed the bowl containing the potion on the ground. The potion touched a boulder and the boulder rolled over tantrik causing his death. As the tantrik lay dying he cursed that city will be destroyed and no one will live there again.To this day no one lives near the crumbling remains of this once beautiful city.


Roopkund Lake
Roopkund Lake

Roopkund Lake

Roopkund Lake or the Skeleton Lake is more than 16,000 feet above sea level located in Indian Himalayas. The remains of more than 200 people have been found there and perhaps more are at the bottom of the lake and in the earth, yet there was no conclusive evidence of how they all died at once. All of the skeletons at Rookkund Lake show signs of having been hit on the head and shoulder with round, blunt objects. As per scientific studies and tests it has been concluded the deaths were caused by an extreme hailstorm and since there were no place to hide all of them perished. Of course, that still begs the question, why are the wounds only about the head and shoulders? Surely, some of them must have fallen down after being struck.

Ramoji Film City - India's Most Haunted Places

Ramoji Film City
Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

People attributr Ramoji film city being haunted on the fact that it is built on the battleground. The place is haunted by the souls of the dead soldiers...remember the evil sould in the movie Lord of the Rings something about fulfillment of oath to Isildur. It is reported that there anre knocks on the doors, creepy shadows and even battle sounds at this place.

Dumas Beach - India's Most Haunted

Dumas Beach Surat, Gujarat.
Dumas Beach Surat, Gujarat.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

The paranormal activities at Dumas Beach is attributed to the fact that it is also used for cremation purpose. It is said that this place is haunted by evil and unfulfilled souls. People have heard strange whispers at Dumas Beach. The eerie sound of winds around here is said to be the voices of dissatisfied souls. And to add to the spooky it is also reported that visitors have dissappeared from Dumas Beach who went there strolling at night.

Dow Hill - Most Haunted Places in India

 Kurseong Dow Hill road
Kurseong Dow Hill road

Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

An array of gruesome and mysterious murder is the reason locals attribute to this place being haunted by vengeful souls. Dow hills is India's very own Sleepy Hollow the only diffrence being instead of headless corpse on horse, a headless boy has been spotted numerous time by locals.

Feroz Shah Kotla

City of Djinns Delhi has its own share in most haunted place in India. The difference is that Djinns of Delhi are benevolent as opposed to other haunted destinations with evil soul. It is believed that Kotla of Firuzshah is inhabited by many such djinns. People leave letters scribbled with wishes and burn candles inside the remaining structres of this medieval city of Delhi so that their wishes get fulfilled. The place often is very isolated and there's an errie feeling in the air even during daylight hours.

Shanivarwada, Pune - Spookiest Places in India

Shaniwarwada Fort
Shaniwarwada Fort

Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

This citadel of Peshwa rulers of Maharashtra is one of the most haunted places in India. The story goes that 14-year-old Rao, heir to the peshwa throne was murdered here in 1773. The murder is a clever manipulation of the prince uncle's message to the guards, ‘Narayan Rao la dharaa’ (Catch Narayan Rao), which was altered by his wife to ‘Narayan Rao la maara’ (Kill Narayan Rao). The boy's cries for help is even heard till date at midnight on every new moon day claim locals.

D'Souza Chawl, Mahim

D'Souza Chawl, Mahim
D'Souza Chawl, Mahim

D`Souza Chawl of Mahim, Mumbai

What better to add spice to the ghost tales that a white sari clad woman. D'Souza Chawl in Mahim is said to be haunted by a women who fell to her death while pulling water out of the well. Several locals have claimed to have seen her apparition which is as local claims mostly harmless.

Delhi Cantt

The greenest part of Delhi is also the most eerie one. The area is haunted by an evil hitchhiking spirit of a lady who asks for lifts from the passing vehiclas. It is claimed that sh vanishesd after rding a few minutes and that if one doesn't stop his/her vehicle that the spirit chases the vehicle running at speed higher than the vehicle.

Most Haunted Places in India

Which do you think is most haunted in this list?

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    • viralaround profile image

      viralaround 2 years ago

      interesting article, I am from Hyderabad and not sure of Ramoji film city in this list!!

    • profile image

      pulkendu kalhans 3 years ago

      all rubbish ..................

    • Nilanjan Ghosh profile image


      Such an awesome hub! Spooky yet the subject is forever interesting!

    • nikhilchandra profile image

      Nikhil Chandra 5 years ago from New Delhi

      And why's that Radhika?

    • profile image

      radhika 5 years ago

      i can't believe it .

    • nikhilchandra profile image

      Nikhil Chandra 5 years ago from New Delhi

      Haha! Thanks for liking and you can always visit India for meditation and make sure these 10 places are not where you decide to learn and practice meditation. Try Rishikesh, that's where most of the tourists from overseas head to for yoga and meditation or if you liked the place where Julia Robert did that in Eat, Pray and Love then head to Kerala :-)

    • Sheri Faye profile image

      Sheri Dusseault 5 years ago from Chemainus. BC, Canada

      Yikes! I have always wanted to visit India to learn meditation, but I think I will stay right here in safe Canada. Good hub!

    • nikhilchandra profile image

      Nikhil Chandra 5 years ago from New Delhi

      Thanks for sharing and voting up :-)

    • manofmystery24 profile image

      manofmystery24 5 years ago

      Nice information in this hub. I've heard of Bhangarh and that you don't come out alive if you stay the night. I'd like to test that out! Also, I'd like to buy a Corvette for that Delhi Cantt and she if that spirit can catch up then!. Voted up and shared!

    • nikhilchandra profile image

      Nikhil Chandra 5 years ago from New Delhi

      Thanks again :-)

    • seohari profile image

      Hari 5 years ago from Delhi

      Interesting Post...


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