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My first flight: Innsbruck - Vienna

Updated on April 7, 2009

Small plane on Propelers

Flying for the first time was a great adventure! I was young and naive, and inexperienced. That was a small start for a big future!

Walking to the plane on that early morning, I remember that I was more interested in taking pictures then getting a seat by the window. WOW, my first flight!, we boarded the plain from the middle of the airport pavement not even from the gate!

Now when I look back at that, I think this was funny, but nothing matter, I was about to fly for the first time! And, the flight was just for an hour, we didn't even realize it's going to be so short.

I was flying with my husband and with a very small start like I said, the following destination was Vienna - New York! - hey that was something!


The flight!

So, the excitement is over - per say, - and we have boarded; the plane takes off, it's somewhat noisy.

I am trying to look out - no once donated to us a window seat; Them the locals, for some of them this was rather a daily commute and they already had their seats taken "for life."

Looking dawn all we can see is a white sea, the mountains were wearing a snow coat; it was March, March 17th 1992. Springs are late in that part of the country,...

We also keep an eye on the clock, wow!

We are trying to locate cities and regions, since we drove that distance a while ago, we thought that we can geographically pinpoint major cities.

I determined that I love any views from above, yes I did and I's amazing!

ONE, I repeat, one hour later we are landing. What? We were taking 14-16 hours for a drive to that destination and how amazing, to fly - it took us just one hour!

I loved it, I loved every minute of it! Family is waiting for us in Vienna Airport. It's time to say some good byes and get ready for the next first flight to a different continent!

Wow! Another first flight story should be written about this other destination!


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