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My time in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Updated on December 2, 2014
A bird's eye view of Ponce, Puerto Rico
A bird's eye view of Ponce, Puerto Rico

Ponce-A visit to the countryside!

Some time ago, I visited my parents in Puerto Rico. I had a nice time with my family, eating the best the island has to offer. I, also, got to see some friends and family. A week later, I visited my aunt in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Leaving from the town of Caguas, where I was staying, we took off by car.

Believe it or not, the island has come a long way. It used to take us, almost, 3 hours to get to Ponce. Reason was the fact that we had to take the mountainside roads and it was a slow and dangerous route.A super highway was built in the mid '70s, which passed along the mountains and cut the route in half.

Believe it or not, there are mountains in Puerto Rico and its scenery is an unforgettable one. It's serene beauty and structure is a marvel to behold.The ground is ideal for fruits like mango and other exotic tropical delights.You can appreciate some of its beauty as you pass by the mountains along the highway.

When we arrived in Ponce, we greeted our aunt. When my grandfather died, his inheritance was passed onto my parents. My aunt stayed with some of the land. Walking around that area brought back some memories of my childhood. Even though, I was born and raised in New York City, I would take a vacation to Puerto Rico in my younger years with my mother. During my vacation, I would transition to staying at my grandmother's house in the city of Ponce. Then, i would stay a couple of days in my grandfather's farm, where my aunt is, currently, living to this day,

Walking around that area. I saw the site where my grandfather, who passed away, raised cows and sold milk. My grandfather was well-known in that area. He sold milk and produce from his farm in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He managed to amass a small fortune and passed it on to my family. He was a hard worker, getting up at 5am and would not finish until close to 9pm.

He, also, was a no nonsense guy. He taught the value of work to my Uncles. They would work alongside of my Grandfather to keep up with the farm. He, also, carried a rifle and gun. If he found anyone who was on that farm trespassing, he would fire a warning shot. He worked hard for his produce and was very protective of it. I have, many, good memories of my grandfather's farm. When I went to College in Puerto RIco and was overwhelmed with the stress of life, I would take a break. I'd wait for the weekend to arrive, head to Ponce and enjoy my time in my grandfather's farm. The country air and peaceful atmosphere would refresh me and I would be ready to go back to college.

My parents appreciating nature at Ponce, Puerto Rico

The origin of Ponce

The city of Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico. It got its name from the grandson of Juan Ponce de Leon, whose name was Juan Ponce de Leon y Loayza. It is often referred as La Perla del sur (Pearl of the south) because it is located in the southern section of Puerto Rico. It is, also, referred to La ciudad de las quenepas (City of the quenepas) What is a quenepa? It is a small round fruit with a big pit in the middle of it. It's color is green and it looks like a golf ball! This fruit is very popular,not only, in that city but in the entire island as well. It has a sweet flavor around the pit, but you need to be careful. People have, accidentally, swallowed the pit and died. Exotic fruits can be found in that city. It has a rich history. Many famous athletes and musicians have hailed from that area.One of which was Hector Lavoe, whose life was made into a movie named El Cantante, which starred Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Picture of a Quenepa!


Scenery from Ponce, Puerto Rico

A scene from the Super Highway going to Ponce, Puerto Rico.
A scene from the Super Highway going to Ponce, Puerto Rico. | Source

A Great time in Ponce!

Well, back to my trip. Upon arriving at my Aunt's house, I appreciated the beauties of the countryside. My aunt gave us some fruits and shared some thoughts with us concerning the family. Puerto RIcans are very gracious and hospitable. They, also, have some strong family values and are tight- knitted. The mountains in Ponce were nice and cool. When you go to the downtown area of Ponce, it gets hot and dry. The beauty of that city is that you can have a variety of weather suited for your taste! Ponce has a sense of beauty that,just, continues to pull on you. It is an unusual city indeed!

What are some of the attractions of Ponce? When you go to the downtown area of Ponce, check out the Fireman's park. It is rich with the history of Firemen that dates back to the '20's. Also, take the bus which is dressed up to look like a train. It will take you for a cruise around town. If you like art, Check out the art museum of Ponce. I have enclosed a video for your enjoyment. Well, that's it-for now. Feel free to leave your questions or inputs. If you go to Puerto RIco, visit Ponce for a great experience.

My aunt and parents in Ponce, Puerto RIco

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