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What is and why Manchester is famous

Updated on April 1, 2013

History of Manchester

Manchester is the ninth largest city in the united kingdom with London being the first. Manchester has a population of nearly 2 and a half million people. Manchester was nothing until the turn of the 19Th century when a small lancastrian township turned into a bustling metropolis through its textile manufacturing during the industrial revolution. Manchester was the first ever town to have a steam powered railway it was called the Liverpool and Manchester railway. This helped to bring stuff from Liverpool docks for the mills in Manchester. Manchester was badly damaged in the blitz bombings between 1940-1941 where Manchester cathedral was seriously damaged and most of the centre. Manchester has had good times and bad times and not more recently the city got the nickname (gunchester) because of its reputation for gun related crime especially when you hear the name "moss side". In 2002 Manchester got to host the XVII COMMON WEALTH GAMES which was very successful..

Manchester railway

My top 6 reasons of why Manchester is famous

1. Firstly Manchester is the home of Manchester united and Manchester city football clubs the 2 biggest football clubs in the U.K. When these two teams play in what they call the Manchester derby the rivalry is fierce and has been prone to violence other than that it can be a good football game.

2. Ricky "the hitman" hatton is a famous boxer who originated from Manchester. He was brought up in the now famous "new inn pub" in hattersley where he used to train in his mum and dads pub cellar. He has gone on to win some spectacular fights in his career as a boxer and recently hit the headlines for losing against Floyd mayweather jnr. Ricky is proud of where he comes from and has been known to be a really down to earth role model. Nowadays Ricky can be seen in his new gym where he teaches new boxing hopefuls and earlier in 2009 was opened by no other than Muhammed Ali "casius clay".

3. Manchester town centre saw a devastating bomb explosion in 1996 which was thought to have been done by the I.R.A causing an estimated 700 million pounds of damage to the economy and infrastructure. Only 212 people was injured and luckily there was no deaths. 

4. Oasis the Indy band came from Manchester, Salford to become one of the most loved and successful bands to date. The two main band members Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher fronted the band which became famous worldwide and put Manchester on the map. Both are Manchester city fans and are very outspoken sometimes getting into clashes with the paparazzi. But the music they have made is influentially brilliant.

5. Now a darker side to Manchester is the world famous serial killer "doctor death"aka Dr Frederick Harold shipman. Dr shipman had a medical practise in Hyde where he was one of the best doctors who got lots of praise that's the cynical thing about it. He was later found out to be killing of his elderly patients  mainly elderly women and writing wills out for himself he eventually got caught when a doctor from a neighbouring practise Dr Linda Reynolds grew suspicious. He only managed to avoid detection for so long because he was well respected in the community and nobody blinked an eye. He was later to be found to have killed over 100 people by administering lethal doses of morphine. He later took his own life in prison.

6. Two other serial killers from Manchester were Myra hindley and Ian Brady who were found out to have been killing children from neighbouring counties. The couple lived in hattersley where there crimes were to shock and disgrace Manchester in the 60s. They killed children which to me are the worst killers going and buried them on saddle worth moors. They both were sentenced to life in prison where Ian Brady is being fed forcefully as he went on a starvation suicide. Myra hindley has now passed away. 

Doc death

New inn pub, Hattersley


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