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Naples International Airport (NAP) Car Rental and Transportation

Updated on October 22, 2017

The rent a car company names, driving rules and regulations, laws of the road, and language might be different for citizens of the United States and other international countries, but the inherent benefits of renting a vehicle for a business trip or vacation in Naples Italy, one of the worlds most culture rich and romantic cities in the entire world, remain the same. All rental car companies located at Naples Airport are listed below to assist the international or domestic traveler with convenient and swift comparison shopping for timely decision making.

Car Rental Companies at Naples Airport:

Avis Autonolegio 
(081) 751-6052
(081) 789-9038
(081) 780-5643
Dollar Rent A Car
(081) 780-5702
Hertz Rent A Car
(081) 780-2971
(081) 751-8899
(081) 780-3011
(081) 780-9124
(081) 751-6010
(081) 780-4622
Calling From U.S. / Canada >>>>
Dial 011 + 39 + 081 + Number
(011) = U.S. Exit Code
(081) = Naples Area Code
(39) =  Country Code For Italy
Telephone Number = 7 Digits

From an economical point of view, the rental car market in Italy is among the most robust and competitive in the world due in large part to long term average increases in tourism and corporate traveler visitation statistics, and driving a vehicle within city limits or on the outskirts of this premier destination is certainly a unique experience as many visitors will attest. Within major metro areas, sharing the narrow and intermittently winding roads with a preferred, exceptionally fuel efficient, romantically quaint mode of transportation such as the "En Vogue" sporty two wheel "Vespa" motor bike is common place, but certainly not the most practical choice if you are traveling with the entire family or large group of friends and or associates. Commuting to and from the almost infinite number of alluring destinations while negotiating the endless scenic roads of Italy on a motor scooter just might be the sexiest way to tour the culture rich and historic cities and back roads, but my recommendation offered to first time travelers would be to secure a rental car to ensure you and fellow visitors have a reliable vehicle with ample passenger space that can accommodate all family members or associates for the bulk of your stay. Then of course, if you feel yourself succumbing to the irresistible urge to take off for the afternoon as you embark upon a more adventurous excursion situated within a reasonable traveling distance to your hotel accommodations, by all means, a "Vespa" can provide the ultimate charming and totally "European" experience.

Italy's robustly thriving economy is driven and sustained by many positive underlying factors and a substantial portion of revenues is generated primarily from the millions of tourists who flock to the Mediterranean and Italy in particular, to enjoy the abundance of aesthetic, historic, and culinary pleasures this genuine land of enchantment has to offer. Italy is unquestionably one of the most acclaimed and highly desirable vacation destinations in the world for very good reason. The culture, food, atmosphere, natural aesthetic beauty, romantic history, premier seaside beaches and resorts, and the incredibly gifted and talented people who possess an almost euphoric lust for everyday life, is not only awe inspiring for the casual visitor, but also irresistibly contagious. A stunningly picturesque European destination which is truly unsurpassed. After spending an afternoon basking in the Mediterranean sun on the Italian Riviera, or perusing the very essence of angelic spirituality on the Vatican grounds, or just simply cruising the coastline in your car with windows rolled all the way down to catch and absorb the balmy and refreshing afternoon sea breeze, I think the experience will undoubtedly speak for itself.

<> Be Prepared <>

  • Remember, if you rent a car or other vehicle for your transportation needs to be used for a once in a lifetime trip to Italy, be sure to research thoroughly in an effort to gain as much knowledge as you possibly can pertaining to local driving rules, regulations, and or laws prior to your arrival to ensure that you will be well versed and prepared for a safe, enjoyable, hassle free, and legal experience. Even though this region of Europe is designated as exceedingly tourism friendly, and the generous people traditionally welcome and cater to visitors from other countries like family members, keep in mind, it is still a foreign land with potentially different moral standards and laws which you may not be familiar with. One way to educate yourself with at least the basic knowledge of necessity would be to obtain relevant resources or a customized handbook from your local DMV or other pertinent domestic or foreign agency. This pre-trip study should help you attain the necessary knowledge to become more familiar with the essential aspects of what you can expect, and what is expected of you during your stay. Reading the material on the plane in between catching a few intermittent, elusive winks.would be a convenient and time friendly way to perform this important task.

<> Drivers License Requirements <>

  • Check with the appropriate local or state agency in regard to drivers license requirements. Even though consumer friendly countries like Italy which depend on global tourism, have designated agencies and respective representatives who try their level best to accommodate international visitors by educating them in critically important areas such as legal aspects in relation to license requirements and rules of the road, performing your own due diligence and research prior to arrival can ultimately save you a considerable amount of time and energy. Laws which are valid and enforceable today, can, without notice to U.S. citizens, be amended, modified, or even revoked from the records tomorrow. It would be prudent to contact a local DMV, or your preferred rent a car company which should have the resources available to provide at least preliminary guidance, or possibly even your neighborhood AAA chapter to retrieve additional information on the subject. Or, if you become confused or unsure about where to turn, try contacting the appropriate authority in Naples Italy if you have additional questions.
  • There are two main scenarios you will discover following your online research. The first specifies the necessity of a valid United States issued "Driver's License" as the only major requirement to operate a rental car in Italy. Seems logical considering the close relationship and deep economic ties we have with our European friends, but always remember, this may be the law that dictates the driving requirement for visitors today, it would be prudent to take the extra research time to ensure the same criteria it is still applicable when you visit. The other scenario is in relation to operating a "Private Vehicle", in which case, according to official web sites pertaining to this subject, the driver must carry or obtain an "International Driver's License" prior to motor vehicle operation, a law which rises above and beyond the simplistically convenient requirement of possessing just the standard issue from the U.S. or any other country. The aforementioned scenarios just briefly touch upon the highlights of extensive, detailed, and in depth laws. Make it a habit to research thoroughly during the trip planning process.

Naples Airport Driving Directions/Map:

A markerNaples International Airport -
Naples, FL, USA
get directions


  • ANM ALIBUS - Arrivals Concourse
  • BUS AIR - Terminal 1

- Info - 082-520-4250

  • BUS CTP - Terminal 1

- Info - 800-200114

  • BUS FBN - Terminal 1

- Info - 800-127157



Radiotaxi: (081)-551-5151 or 081-570-7070

Consortaxi: (081)-552-5252

- Arrivals Concourse -

- Banking -
- Post Office -
 External Departures/Terminal 1
External Departures/Terminal 1 
Phone: (081) 780-5755
Phone: (081) 780-3003
- NAP Address -
- Phone -
 Switchboard - (081) 789-5111
Via Del Riposo 95
Call Center - (081) 751-5471
80144 Naples Italy 


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 6 years ago from > California

      Your Welcome Simone & Thanks for stopping by,

      From personal experience and casual conversation with friends and acquaintances, I understand it's always been a project in itself to find a complete car rental directory & related info online without flipping through numerous web sites and or pages.

      I hope this user friendly condensed research page which focuses primarily on "Car Rental" services but also includes alternative ground transportation agencies and several important airport contact telephone numbers, will be a big time saver for everyone planning a romantic trip to Italia - Ciao -

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      This is quite the helpful overview. Thanks for putting all this info together in one convenient place!