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New York Style Pizza in Seattle

Updated on February 20, 2008

I have spent a lot of time in New York, and even lived there for a year. One of the things I miss the most is the pizza. Sometimes I just want to grab a nice, big New York style slice. Living in Seattle, I’ve found some places that advertise their pizza as New York style, but few actually come close to the true thing. If you want real New York pizza, you have to go to New York. But, if you find yourself craving a slice while in Seattle, here are two places you can check out.

Hot Mama’s Pizza

700 E Pine Street *** (206) 322-6444

This tiny place is located on Capitol Hill and within walking distance of Downtown Seattle. You can easily pop in for a quick slice of greasy, cheesy goodness on a crispy crust…and almost think you are in New York. It is not gourmet or anything, but is definitely one of the closest things I’ve found a true New York style pizza experience on the west coast.

You will definitely find transplanted new Yorkers at Hot Mama’s. They won’t ever insist that it is as good as the real thing, but it is pretty darn close.

I’ve definitely eaten something that tasted almost like a slice of Mama’s while waiting for my train at Penn Station.

Piecora’s New York Pizza

1401 East Madison Street (corner of 14th Ave & East Madison) *** (206) 322-9411

Their tagline is: "A Slice of New York in Seattle" –and, I must say it is true. Rumor has it that the place was started by a guy from Brooklyn, so the dude knows what he’s doing. The dough is hand tossed and the crust is crunch thin. You can choose from a huge variety of toppings (my favorite is mushrooms and garlic or onions and garlic). This is the kind of place where you want to sit down with some friends, choose from one of their ten beers on tap (a great thing about living in Seattle—we aren’t talking Bud here), and chow down on some Brooklyn style pizza.

Service can be kind of slow, so don’t go there if you are in a rush. I’ve heard that the servers can really suck, but I’ve never had a bad experience myself. Even if I did, the delicious pizza would make it worth it. It isn’t as “stop on the corner shop in New York for a quick, greasy slice” as Hot Mama’s is, but it is dang good New York style pizza. If only Piecora’s could import their water from New York, it might end up being perfect!

Do you have any great pizza places you want to share with us? Or, maybe you don’t think these places are any good? Leave a comment in the box below and let us know.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Bull. I think Padrino's pizza is hot stuff at 3am in the morning. Pagliacci ROCKS. They would do well in Brooklyn and New York town no problem. Also, out don't know about the others, but Eastlake Romio's Pizza Delivery is hot too.

    • profile image

      issues veritas 

      9 years ago


      Went to your hot dog hub and now I am talking pizza.

      Actually both of these hubs just made me hungry.

      The New York Pizza that I liked was a thin pizza with a nice crust. The pizza sauce and the cheese blended together in a hot moving sea of taste. With this pizza, when you picked it up the cheese would almost slide off the dough. The front end of the pizza would fall while the rest of the pizza slice would remain stable. You could then take the front flap and move it towards the back of the slice. I think they called it the "Flatbush Flap", it at least had the Flatbush in it. Flatbush being in Brooklyn.

      I have found that going back to NY every several years that the number of pizza places that still have the original great tasting pizza have diminished to a few.

      The quality of pizza in California has never really been that great. When pizza places would open up by pizza makers from NY, they would only last a short while. I think that is because Californians have their own idea about what they want their pizza to taste and look like.



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