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Newquay Tuk Tuk Service

Updated on June 22, 2011

Newquay Tuk Tuk

Newquay Tuk Tuk is a fun way to travel about while on your holidays. The brightly coloured tuk tuk is certainly a head-turner round town, where it's a fairly new service.

You can book a tuk tuk as a regular taxi, or for a special event, such as a wedding. Book a Tuk Tuk Tour to see the sights around Newquay. The service is intended for local travel only, but makes for a great fun ride.

If you've got a schedule of events planned for your weekend away, then why not hire a tuk tuk to be at your disposal for the whole weekend.

Newquay Tuk Tuk.   Photo by: NewquayTukTuk
Newquay Tuk Tuk. Photo by: NewquayTukTuk

Arrive in Newquay by Tuk Tuk

If you've booked a special weekend away, or just want to arrive in style, why not book a Tuk Tuk to take you from either Newquay Airport, or Newquay Railway Station to your hotel or holiday home?

Being in Cornwall feels like being in another world, so why not enjoy your break from the minute you arrive.

Tuk Tuk Facts

  • A tuk tuk can reach up to 40mph.
  • These tuk tuks were mostly imported from Asia.
  • They have been modified to meet British safety regulations
  • They're more eco-friendly than using a standard taxi.
  • They're more fun than a regular car - FACT!

Image by: Takeatuktuk
Image by: Takeatuktuk

Kernow Tuk Tuk Surfari

If you're looking for something completely out of the usual, a break with your usual weekend's trapsing around B&Q looking at sinks.... then head off down to Newquay and really enjoy yourself with a special Tuk Tuk Surfari.

You can book accommodation anywhere you want, but the owner of the Tuk Tuk company also happens to also run a B&B on the north coast, the Kernow Trek Lodge, so you might choose to stay there. Accommodation costs are not part of the Tuk Tuk Surfari, so you're free to choose where you want to stay.

The Tuk Tuk Surfari service provides you with a driver and tuk tuk for the day, for up to 4 people, and includes a day's surfing or kitesurfing lessons too. The costs will vary, depending on the season, but it'll be about £95 for the day's fun.

Image by: TakeaTukTuk
Image by: TakeaTukTuk

Book a Tuk Tuk for Your Hen Night

If you're having a hen night, or hen weekend in Newquay, then why not book the tuk tuk either for a tour round the area, or to get you from your accommodation and into town!

It's certainly something a little different - and everybody's looking for a unique experience for their hen night - after all, you only do this once!

Honeymoon Tuk Tuk

If you're getting married and coming down to Newquay for your honeymoon, then why not try out a Tuk Tuk as part of your honeymoon experience.  Bookable for the journeys you want to make, making the memories extra special.

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Newquay, Cornwall TR8 4AQ
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The Take a Tuk Tuk company and the Kernow TrekLodge are both run by Andrew and Rosie Pearman, who now have a Thai Tuk Tuk fleet running not only in Newquay, but St Ives as well. They now have three Tuk Tuks and are based near to Newquay and Newquay Airport.

Why not book a Tuk Tuk to go from Newquay Airport to your accommodation?

Address: Trevarrian, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 4AQ
Telephone: 01637 861961


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