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Orlando International Airport (MCO) Car Rental and Transportation

Updated on October 22, 2017

There are a multitude of "Rent-A-Car" companies that operate several satellite offices at Orlando International Airport and every agency that is either located on site or within very close proximity for convenient document signing and auto selection, can be found right here on this web page. All pertinent information provided is designed to assist with swift online research to help consumers find and secure the best possible rental car deal with the most favorable terms, at the best possible price.

Rental Car Companies at Orlando International Airport

Advantage Rent A Car
(407) 857-1999
Alamo Rent A Car
(800) 327-9633
Avis Rent A Car
(800) 831-2147
Budget Rent A Car
(800) 527-0700
Dollar Car Rental
(800) 800-4000
Enterprise Rent A Car
(800) 325-8007
E-Z Rent A Car
(800) 277-5171
Hertz Car Rental
(800) 654-3131
L&M Car Rental
(407) 888-0515
National Green Means Go
(800) 227-7368
Thrifty Rent A Car
(800) 367-2277

Rental Car Companies - Off Site

Ace Rent A Car
(470) 857-8100
Action Car Rental
(470) 240-2700
Affordable Car Rental
(470) 854-6111
American Car Rental
(470) 857-1575
Best Rate Car Rental
(470) 850-0340
Carl's Rent A Van
(470) 849-5211
(800) 327-3191
Florida Van Rental
(800) 308-2503
Global Rent A Car
(470) 440-6074
GPL Van Rental
(470) 953-1424
Magna Auto Rentals
(321) 269-6851
Payless Car Rental
(470) 856-5539
U-Save Car & Truck Rental
(800) 272-8728
Value Car Rental
(470) 574-3004
According to the web site, some "Off Site" Agencies offer "Free Shuttle Service" from the terminals - Contact company directly for more info -
- All listings are presented for informational and research purposes only and not endorsements or recommendations -

After several years of casual conversation with business associates, friends, and acquaintances, when discussing the subject of travel and related tasks associated with making plans or arrangements for a fun filled family getaway or corporate business trip, I discovered one fact we apparently all had in common. Just about everyone I talk to, and I would have to assume a significant number of people whom I've never even met, find it quite difficult and somewhat time consuming to adequately research and collect car rental information for efficient comparison shopping without spending several minutes if not hours sifting through a multitude of Internet pages and web sites to find precisely what they are looking for. This apparent lack of travel transportation related information readily available on a single time saving web page is a void in which I hope to fill by providing a condensed, easy to read and negotiate, user friendly format such as this one.

I have already received a considerable amount of positive feedback from visitors and growing online audience of loyal readers, and will continue to implement minor adjustments to the page design and layout going forward if warranted, in an ongoing effort to provide the most convenient and user friendly online car rental research and planning tool possible. I hope you find it as helpful as many other travelers do, including myself.

Orlando Rental Car Market / Negotiating Power & What To Expect

  • Fortunately for the city of Orlando and state of Florida, demand for leased vehicle transportation service by visitors is traditionally at the high end of the spectrum, especially during "Peak Season" which seems to be 12 out of 12 months, maybe a slight exaggeration but that seems to be the perception and only pertinent accounting balance sheets can reveal the true figures. While this brisk business apparently equates to an annual windfall for the municipality, unfortunately for the budget conscious traveler, this robust demand which inevitably generates a substantial reoccurring revenue stream for rental car agency operators and healthy tax collecting benefits for Orlando and the state of Florida, usually results in a shortage of discounted rates or consumer bargains. Trying to find a good rental car deal can be very difficult at the very least if not virtually impossible.
  • Another major "Driver" so to speak of the Orlando commercial transportation market is of course the fact that it's home to one of the largest mega amusement parks on the planet, Disney World, unquestionably the most popular attraction in the city and possibly the entire state of Florida. Playing host to this monstrosity of an American icon is one major reason why people from all over the world vacation here resulting in such robust business activity. All the above inevitably adds even more upward price pressure to the rental car market further inhibiting the ability of consumers to find a reasonable deal and making price negotiations a formidable challenge even for the consummate pro. I would expect to pay full if not premium price for a rental car and then be pleasantly surprised if you can secure a more attractive bargain.
  • In conclusion and recap, the constant influx of tourists and corporate travelers who need or prefer this type of service tends to bolster demand which allows agencies in Orlando that may have higher than average operating expenses, to maintain a certain price threshold or minimum profit margin that may seem at first glance like a substantial premium compared to what you might expect to pay for similar service in your hometown, especially if tourism is not a major economic component. Given the all the economic dynamics at play, frequent travelers anticipate and expect to pay slightly to moderately higher rates in a tourist city like Orlando verses a non tourist town. Keep this in mind when planning your vacation or corporate gathering budget -

Orlando Int'l Airport Driving Directions/Map

A markerOrlando International Airport -
Orlando International Airport (MCO), 1 Airport Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, USA
get directions


Ace Metro/Luxury Cab

  • (407) 855-1111

Diamond Cab Company

  • (407) 523-3333

Quick Cab

  • (407) 447-1444

Star Taxi

  • (407) 857-9999

Town & Country Transport

  • (407) 828-3035

Yellow/City Cab

  • (407) 422-2222


Location: "A" side of "Main Terminal" - Ground Transportation Level 1 - Commercial Lane Spaces A38 / A41

1 Airport Blvd.
<> Phone <>
Orlando, FL 32827
(407) 825-2111
Phone: (407) 825-2001

- Airport Terminal WI-FI Access* - *FREE* -

- The potential negative consequences of neglecting to arrange for adequate and suitable transportation to be ready and waiting from the moment you step off the plane until the last itinerary event becomes an endearing memory, can indeed mean the difference between a trip to be exuberantly recalled and cherished for years to come, or tucked away once again in that mental file folder under the dubious title "Plan Ahead Next Time To AVOID Another Transportation Fiasco" - Whether your travel plans require a rental car, train, bus, or even just a simple ride from a family member or friend, it might be prudent to perform your research and make arrangements in advance to ensure a pleasurable experience -


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