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Overview of Columbia for Travelers

Updated on May 17, 2012

Columbia is a magnificent country. The people are peaceful, and the biodiversity or its rich lands is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Until recently with the constant change of political power and the infighting of rebel groups Columbia was a relatively peaceful country. The Main cities still attract thousands of visitors every year to the warm coastal waters. Many are warned to, only stay in the cities since the drug cartels are mostly located in the jungles.

The country of Columbia, was actually colonized by the Spaniards in the early 1500s. The country claimed its right as a sovereign nation a couple hundred years after in 1813. After claiming independence from Spain, the greater nation of Columbia was formed which included other countries around it like Ecuador, panama, and Venezuela. But, the ideologies where remarkably different in these countries and it did not stay together as a major coalition because of those differences.

In the late 1970s is when many of the rebel groups were formed followed by may coups that were led to de thrown the current government of Columbia. The FARC or revolutionary armed forces of Columbia and the M-19 rebel groups where the ones to instigate a power change. Since then there has been constant civil war in the country against the federal government. Since 2000, and an enormous amount of effort by the federal government and the U.S, the rebels have been slowly dispersing from a lot of the organization they had. Since then, no fatal attacks have happened in the country. So, many travelers are heading back to rediscover this forgotten country.

In the late 1970s is when the full production of giant cartels were taken place in Columbia. But, that to the international drug enforcement agency many of the large drug cartels have been reigned in. The product of cocaine production has not slowed much but ht e control has been in the form of smaller regional gangs then gigantic conglomerates.

Columbia has many miles of rich biodiversity ecology that has been hidden from many travelers during the struggles with the government and civil war. Since things have calmed down considerably, these things have been more open to exploration by travelers. There are over 400 thousand square miles to be re-explored in Columbia and today. From the pristine coastlines, thick jungles, and rugged mountain terrain, there are plenty of areas that have been deserted for many years. Many of those ancient relics of the past are being newly or rediscovered thanks to the efforts of many international archeological and scientific communities.

The capital city of Bogota is the main population center in all of Columbia. It holds an estimated 7 million people making it one of the largest cities in South America. Some of the other cities many people are rediscovering are in Cali and Cartagena.

With all the stuff happening in Columbia, it is a discovery awaiting any new traveler to the county. Just remember to always stay safe. If, you feel uncomfortable in an area then leave always keep your passports and money in hidden locations or at the hotel and only bring copies. Use common sense and do not travel at night. But, have fun because there is still a rich culture to be unveiled in Columbia.


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